Scene in MLT: Townhomes on the way

Crews began demolition of two vacant houses at the northwest corner of 240th Street Southwest and 55th Avenue West in Mountlake Terrace this week in preparation for the construction of 19 townhomes at the site.

According to the city’s Department of Community and Economic Development, plans for the half-acre site call for the construction of three, three-story buildings consisting of 19 townhomes with rooftop decks and garages with access from an alley off of 240th Street Southwest.

The Solana Townhomes, to be built by Landsverk Quality Homes in Lynnwood, has been in the works since 2016.

  1. Each of the 19 townhomes will have its own waste can and its own recycling bin lined up in the alley immediately to the west. That’s 38 receptacles, lined up in view of the sidewalks and streets on 240th and on 56th. Because by a vote of 7-0 the City Council did not require a combined waste/recycling enclosure.

    1. Not a smart decision on the Council’s part but then again look at all the building that is being allowed in our community. Cram as many buildings as possible, increase traffic, increase population and make our quality of life less enjoyable. That is the mantra of our local government these days. Glad I enjoyed all the years MLT was a small bedroom community and not so desirable and popular.

      1. FWIW, it is really the big box shopping centers and malls that increase traffic. Thankfully, nothing being proposed in MLT will come close to the car sewers and parking craters of Lynnwood’s 196th ST and Alderwood Mall area. MLT can increase the population substantially and still be a livable place, and even a more vibrant, diverse community–just don’t go the regional shopping destination route, let that mess stay up in Lynnwood.

        1. Brandon, we don’t need to increase the population substantially ( we are not a big city but city council is acting as if we are), we have enough people already and we don’t need anymore diversity or vibrancy. Cramming buildings and people together does not make for quality of life.

          1. Our city limit population is over 21K, and we live in a rapidly growing metro area of 4M–the 14th largest in the US and half of Washington State’s population. I don’t consider a dozen town houses to be increasing the population “substantially.” If it’s 20 story apartment condo complexes, then I tend to agree with you. Keep those down in Seattle/Bellevue where the transit and amenities within walking distance are.

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