Scene in MLT: New ‘Little Free Library at Jack Long Park

The Little Free Library at Jack Long Park.

Girl Scout Troop Leader Amy Wiskerchen, with the help of the Mountlake Terrace Community Foundation, has installed a “Little Free Library” at Jack Long Park.

The libraries are small lending libraries installed at various areas and monitored by local groups. Currently there are a few throughout Mountlake Terrace including one at Bicentennial Park and Fire Fighters Park.

The new Jack Long Park library will be monitored by Wiskerchen and her Girl Scout Troop 40060.

Jack Long Park is located at 22106 58th Ave. W. in Mountlake Terrace.


    • As a heavy user of the library and a book owner, I can tell you that there are little book stands for the same reason there are bookstores. People like to own books, not just check them out to be returned a few weeks later. I have bought several books that I first discovered at the library. If you have no further need of the book, you can pass it on to someone else through one of these free libraries and perhaps find a treasure someone else no longer needed and left for you. Win-win!

  1. One of my 3 year old grandson’s favorite things to do is take a neighborhood walk, that includes stopping at the little ‘free library’ in my Lake Ballinger neighborhood. He leaves a book and picks out another. Fun family memories! Yes, the traditional library is great, but the little free libraries (scattered all over our country, actually,) are a wonderful addition to book lovers.


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