Save Water, Save Money


With it being summer and all, one of these days we should expect the sun to come out. And when that happens, we end up using more water trying to keep our grass green, washing our cars and keeping hydrated. If you are a Mountlake Terrace water customer you have the opportunity to pick up free water saver kits for your yard and house. The indoor and outdoor kits contain the following items to help you save water:

Indoor Kits

  • Earth Massage shower head, 2.0 gallons per minute,
  • Faucet aerators, 1.0 gallon per minute, and
  • Teflon tape.

Outdoor Kits

  • Garden hose nozzle,
  • Garden hose repair ends, female/male for 5/8 and 3/4 inch hoses, and
  • An automatic shut-off timer.

Kits are available at the City of Mountlake Terrace, 6100 219 Street SW, STE 200. Quantities are limited and available only to Mountlake Terrace water service customers.

[image courtesy echo base 2000]


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