Are You Satisfied?


That’s the question that the City will be asking 1,200 of it’s households in the coming weeks. The City will be sending out a community satisfaction survey designed to gather attitudes and opinions about city services and quality of life issues to 1,200 randomly selected households in the community on November 23.

This survey will contain the same questions that a previous survey, in 2007, asked. The set of questions will be about basic services, quality of life, local policies, demographics, quality of local government services, and resident use of services.

The City says that survey results from 2007 revealed that the city is headed in the right direction, has the trust of the community and ‘does many things well’.

If you are one of the households selected to participate (like me), you should have received a postcard notifying you that you will be receiving the survey.

You can view the results form the 2007 survey here.



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