Restaurant News: ‘Fashionable’ dim sum in Edmonds, yummy Thai in Lynnwood

My hubby’s keen eye spotted a colorful banner announcing “Grand Opening! Dim Sum” — why not? We squeezed our car into the very last spot available, and dashed through a downpour to the door of Fashion Dim Sum, located at 22923 Highway 99. Be warned: parking spots are at a premium in the Brentwood Plaza strip mall.

“Fashion Dim Sum?” The waitress did her best to explain. Fashion Hot Spot items were chosen for eye appeal. She handed us a color menu to peruse and stated that the trendy connotation had its roots in Hong Kong. The cute items in the bamboo steamers now made sense. Hello Kitty Chinese Dim Sum opened in May of 2015… in Hong Kong. The trend has made its way to Edmonds, WA.

Piggy Bun

The Piggy Bun was almost too cute to eat, but we devoured two before restraint kicked in, and saved the third one for the grandson. Piggy Bun is vegetarian steamed bun, not pork as the name might imply. Carrots shaped into eyes, nose, etc. decorate the outside, the center is an egg yolk and there is a slightly sweet taste to the bun. Speaking of carrots — number 8 on the menu are dim sum that indeed look like carrots. Winter melon and peanuts create the orange color, no artificial dyes here.

Jasmine leaf tea at Fashion Dim Sum.

No carts circulate in this tiny restaurant. Paper menus list selections to be checked off, and handed to the waitress, similar to a sushi menu. All orders are prepared fresh, on the spot. At busy times, this may mean a bit of a wait. Dim sum to go — four items are available frozen, and everything on the menu can be ordered to go, and enjoyed at home.

Tea arrived at the table in a large silver pot. I opened the top and found, to my delight, an infuser, full of Jasmine leaf tea and its stems. Our waitress explained “The stems and young twigs of the tea rejuvenate your body from the inside out … rich in both vitamins and minerals that feed the growth parts of the plant.

Dim sum shrimp scallop shu mai.

Shrimp and Scallop Shu Mai were steamed to perfection, dumpling tender, shrimp and scallops glistening and pink –another Fashion Hot Spot item that tasted as great as it looked.

Pan-fried Chive Shrimp Dumplings were crispy, light and not oily at all, the still-green chives inside the skin gave them a fashionable appearance.

Sticky Rice Shrimp Balls — steamed shrimp tooth tender surrounded by al dente rice.  The aptly named Juicy Pork Shu Mai, moist and delicious, exactly as the name implied.

Radish cake.

Radish cake appealed- it’s one of my favorite veggies. Savory, not sweet, a subtle radish-flavored cake with golden brown edges.

Vegetarian noodle roll.

Curiosity meant we had to order at least one of the noodle roll. Similar to “rice cake” in other Asian establishments, the glossy, soft wrappers contain various fillings. We choose vegetarian and our dish arrived anointed with a savory sesame-soy sauce. Each soft silky roll contained a surprise — a filling of crispy veggies. The contrast in texture made for a fun entrée.

A whole series of items in clay pots called Congee featured pickled mustard beef, fish, preserved eggs and shredded pork. Intrigued, I had to pass. No room left in my tummy.

Desserts like the cold Coconut Cake, and Osmanthus cake look a bit more gelatinous than like a traditional pastry. “No room for another bite,” meant another visit.

~ ~ ~ ~

When one is known as the local foodie, friends, family, and readers offer suggestions for review. A long list of eateries, that serve tasty fare, means plenty to discover and describe to My Edmonds News readers.

Spring roll at Silver Spoon.

Silver Spoon Thai Restaurant and Bar at 3828 196th St. S.W. in Lynnwood was presented as a challenge, by a friend who can eat four stars at another of our Edmonds Thai delights — the Noodle Hut.

Lunch menu at Silver Spoon offers variety and value, a great combination.

An order of spring rolls suffered a bit in translation. My bad — next time I will ask for fresh rolls if I want the supple fresh rice wontons wrapped around the rice and green veggies. However — the fried rolls were crispy and delicious, with a plum sauce and colorful garnish of fresh veggies and they disappeared quickly.

Press pot tea.

Hot tea is served in a press pot– full leaf tea. I chose Dragon from a robust list of options. It arrived fully infused and ready to pour. I enjoyed the selection I chose and am happy to see more full leaf teas offered on menus.

Chicken satay.

Chicken satay skewers were paired with a creamy peanut sauce: A beautiful presentation of vegetables and a small dish of cucumber salad accompanied the appetizers.

Tom Kah.

A generous cup of Tom Kah arrived filled with a citrusy, perfectly spiced coconut cream broth, crowded with mushrooms, chunks of chicken breast and vegetables. I could already imagine that most of my lunch entrée would go home in a box.

Cashew Chicken.

My companion ordered Cashew Chicken. A large platter piled with thin Pad Thai noodles, colorful vegetables, plenty of chicken and cashews, also included nice portion of brown rice.

Pad Kee Mao.

Pad Kee Mao featured a super-generous portion of pork and tender fat noodles, presented with colorful carrots, fresh tomatoes, basil, and seasoned well. Most went home in the box. Dessert, you know…

Black sticky rice for dessert.

Dessert choices- so many and so delicious, I finally settled on the Black Sticky Rice and the coconut ice cream.

Coconut ice cream topped with sprigs of fresh mint- Creamy, satisfying and an ample portion to be shared by two. I did steal a few spoonfuls before my much- younger companion finished off the bowl. He did share the mint. The Sticky Black Rice featured chewy dark grains of sweet rice, covered with coconut cream. I didn’t share more than a spoonful.

Service was pleasant and at the lunch hour — swift. Dishes came out in rapid succession. On a lunch hour this is a perfect spot to get your Thai food fix and back to work on time.

Dinner has a more relaxed rhythm. Live piano music on most evenings.

~ ~ ~ ~

Harbor Square Athletic Club barista Gabrielle Guthrie preps a smoothie.

Healthy fare, close by at Harbor Square Athletic Club, at 160 West Dayton in Edmonds.

HSAC’s Juice and Smoothie Bar keeps momentum going with healthy eats that won’t sabotage your efforts after the workout.

Traditional fare like smoothies made with cow’s milk, almond milk, coconut water, coconut milk and yogurt are blended with a variety of fruits. Protein powders can supply an additional boost. Calories range from 230 to over 500 per serving.

A recent HSAC Juice Bar menu update offers more solid fare. Slurp or chew — they’ve got you covered.

Fresh salads at HSAC.

Fresh salads, made daily with lots of veggies, and other healthful ingredients atop fresh greens.

Gluten free? Breakfast burritos, sandwiches and cookies, even a gluten-free Deep Dish Zucchini Quiche from Dancing Women Meals in Lynnwood are stocked in the refrigerated case and warmed in the oven to perfect temperatures.

Soups are offered on a daily basis. Grab a bowl of Market Vegetable to reward yourself, without guilt, after exercise is finished for the day.

Market Vegetable soup.

Hours vary, but even after the barista is gone, the HSAC Juice Bar is stocked with quick, convenient ready to eat foods. Low-fat string cheese, hard-cooked eggs, and fresh fruits are available along with bottled energy drinks, juices and waters.

— By Kathy Passage

A specialty gourmet food broker for over 30 years, Kathy Passage has in-depth knowledge on food and the special qualities of ingredients used in the exquisite products she helped bring to market. Kathy brings this unique perspective from the “other side of the plate” to writing about the local food and restaurant scene.

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