Rendering of new building for 236th and 56th

(Courtesy of the City of Mountlake Terrace)

Here’s a rendering of the Atlas 236 building, which is planned for the northeast corner of 236th Street Southwest and 56th Avenue West. The property is now vacant following the demolition of the Calvary Tabernacle Church, which occurred earlier this month.

The church property was purchased in January 2016 by the developer who created the mixed-use building across the street. Construction of the new building is not expected to begin until July.


  1. I’m Horrified!!! This is a development entirely out of proportion for the location and will add to congestion at a very busy corner. While this kind of development may have city officials licking their chops over potential tax money, isn’t anyone keeping an eye out for OVER-development? This area already is crowded by street-parking due to failure to provide adequate parking for the existing apartments at Arbor Village.

  2. OVER-development is what this council thrives for. MLT used to be a nice quiet suburb and now its all apartments, mixed use buildings and lots of traffic w/no place to park. Welcome to Mountlake Terrace!

  3. I really like the look of this new building. I do think Arbor Village turned out nice as well but they have been able to split up the mass of this one much better with different buildings materials, the upper level step backs and building undulations along the main streets.

  4. Too much!! Are those apartments even rented? Seems like a lot of empty new buildings on that side of the freeway, and nothing on the West side. Let’s build a park so the kids on the west side of I5 have something do to outside in their own community–without going to Lynnwood! East side: Evergreen Playfield, Veterans Park, Candycane Park and Terrace Ridge to name a few. We have Ballinger–with it’s elementary school-age appropriate toys, nothing for our teenagers!!

    • You’re right! The west side of the freeway is underserved by parks. The City has been working very hard trying to obtain funds to implement the Ballinger Park Master Plan. What suggestions do you have for teenager? Oh and I do think the Arbor Village apartment, if that’s what you’re referring to, have a pretty low vacancy. Obviously the commercial space is taking a while to lease, though there is a new sandwhich shop coming in soon and sound slike another possible business as well.


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