Reminder from Superintendent Brossoit regarding student marijuana use


Edmonds School DistrictOctober 29, 2014

Dear Families:

I received a call from a school principal; he had just met with a student who was in possession of marijuana at school. The principal had the parent come in for a meeting to discuss the matter. The first thing the parent said upon entering the principal’s office with his student in the room was, “that better not be my stash”. The principal was calling asking me what to do… Although this incident occurred several years ago, we are presently experiencing similar situations in our schools.

Since the legalization of marijuana and increased availability in our state, we have seen an increase in the number of students involved in marijuana related incidents. In the first 30 days of school this year, we have already disciplined 25 students compared to 17 students last year in this same time frame. At this rate, this will result in an increase of 47 percent of students involved in marijuana related incidents in school this year compared to last year.

Regardless of one’s personal or political views about the use of or the recent legalization of marijuana in our state, it is still very much against the law and district policy for public school students to be in possession of or under the influence of marijuana.

Please consider reviewing the following resources. We appreciate the assistance of all responsible adults to keep our students and schools safe for learning.

Nick J. Brossoit, Ed.D.,

District Policy Regarding Marijuana at School
(Section I, 11-C, Exceptional Misconduct and Suspension)

Health Related Issues of Marijuana

How to Talk to Your Children About the Risks

Where To Get Help if Someone You Know has a Drug Problem…

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Statement on Marijuana

Are you a teen with questions about drug or alcohol use, gambling issues or mental health? Call 866-TEENLINK (866-833-6546)
or chat online at


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