Reminder: Snohomish County Council to meet in nearby Edmonds Feb. 5

The Snohomish County Council. Back row, from left: Nate Nehring, District 1, Brian Sullivan, District 2, Sam Low, District 5
Front row, from left: Council Chair Stephanie Wright, District 3, Council Vice-Chair Terry Ryan, District 4

The Snohomish County Council will hold its first evening meeting of 2018 in Edmonds. The meeting will start at 6 p.m. at the Edmonds City Council Chambers, 250 5th Ave. N. Edmonds is located within Snohomish County Council District 3 and is represented by County Councilmember Stephanie Wright, who currently serves as council chair.

The five-member county council normally meets during morning hours in Everett.  In November 2016, Snohomish County citizens voted to pass Proposition 5, which requires the county council to hold an evening meeting in each council district at least once each calendar year. It also requires a public hearing be held during the evening on the proposed budget presented by the Snohomish County Executive and on any proposed ordinance to adopt, amend or repeal a county comprehensive plan; and repeal inconsistent transition provisions.

Each public meeting includes a public comment period. The council encourages the public to attend these meetings as they are able, and to come with ideas and suggestions for the council as they start to plan for the County’s 2019 budget.

Here’s the agenda for the evening:

A. Call to order

B. Special Reports

i. Legislative Update — Briahna Murray, Gordon Thomas Honeywell

C. Public Comment

D. Introduction and assignment of legislation to committees

i. Finance and Economic Development

ii. Law and Justice/Human Services

Ordinance 18-013, establishing regulations related to chronic nuisance property enforcement and abatement and adding a new Chapter 10.75 SCC (ECAF 66500)

Ordinance 18-015, approving and authorizing the County Executive to sign an interlocal agreement between Snohomish County and the City of Marysville regarding law enforcement embedded social worker (ECAF 66504)

iii. Operations

Motion 18-033, authorizing the Snohomish County Executive to sign a contract with RH2 Engineering, Inc. in the amount of $250,000.00 for On-Call Sanitary Sewer Engineering Services at the Snohomish County Airport (ECAF 66464)

Motion 18-034, issuing a Notice to Proceed to complete a Performance Audit from the 2018 Performance Audit Plan (ECAF 66517)

iv. Planning and Community Development

Ordinance 18-012, amending Chapter 30.66C of the Snohomish County Code (SCC) for consistency with the Revised Code of Washington; pertaining to the time limitation for the expenditure of School Impact Fees (ECAF 66488)

Ordinance 18-014, relating to Growth Management, prohibiting the siting of supervised drug consumption facilities within unincorporated Snohomish County, amending SCC 30.22.100, 3.22.110, 30.22.120, and Chapter 30.91S (ECAF 66530)

Motion 18-032, confirming the appointment of Marcus Barton to the Urban Center Design Review Board (ECAF 66487)

v. Public Works

vi. Committee of the Whole

E. Clerk’s Report on Pending Legislation – No report

F. Reports of Council committees:

i. Finance and Economic Development

ii. Law and Justice/Human Services

iii. Operations

iv. Planning and Community Development

v. Public Works

G. Reports of outside committees

H. Chairperson’s Report

i. Planning Commission Pending Issues

Pending Issues

I. Chief of Staff’s Report

J. Full Council Action on Items from COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE

K. Other Business

i. Review of Motion No. 18-036, approving Administrative Matters to be presented at General Legislative Session held February 7, 2018:

1. Receiving the Reclassification and Salary Adjustment Report for December 2017 (ECAF 66458)

2. Receiving Notice of Final Action, adoption of Rule 18-01, implementing SCC 30.28.120 marijuana retail first-in-time determination (ECAF 66510)

3. Receiving transmittal of the 2018 Tree Canopy Report from Planning & Development Services (ECAF 66516)

4. Receiving the 2017 4th Quarter Contract Report (ECAF 66501)

Proposed Motion 18-036

L. Executive Session(s):

M. Adjourn

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