Reminder: City survey asks residents to share thoughts on MLT transportation, traffic conditions

The City of Mountlake Terrace is updating its Transportation Master Plan (TMP), and residents are encouraged to take an online survey to provide feedback on the city’s transportation and traffic conditions. The deadline to complete the survey is July 31, 2020.

The current TMP was approved in November 2007. The update is necessary to reflect Mountlake Terrace’s current needs and vision for its transportation system to accommodate future demand for improved, safe and efficient travel throughout the city. The TMP update will also meet requirements under the Washington State Growth Management Act Chapter 36.70A.RCW and be consistent with the Puget Sound Regional Council Transportation 2040 plan.

The TMP update will focus on defining transportation deficiencies and identify potential improvements that address transportation safety, connectivity, operation, and capacity needs to improve the transportation system throughout the city. The TMP update will also address ongoing programs for preserving and maintaining the existing transportation infrastructure.

  1. I detest roundabouts. They’re accidents waiting to happen. People are not courteous. Everyone feels they have the right of way.

    1. At some point while traveling through a roundabout everyone DOES have the right of way.

      I recall that a roundabout is planned for the 220th-58th intersection. About two-thirds of the time that I stop at that intersection there is no other vehicle there. I would much prefer a roundabout, which does not require me to brake to a complete stop when there is nobody else there.

  2. Sometimes I wonder how many people on the road actually have a license but once they have been in for awhile I like roundabouts better than 4-way stops. People mess those up all the time as they can’t figure out if they are supposed to turn before or after a car coming in the opposite direction. Let alone simply passing through in the most efficient manner. Now if we were talking about one of the 6 lane roundabouts seen in Europe I would agree.

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