Recommended Reads: Sit down with a cup of tea for ‘Broken Bone China’

Broken Bone China Tea Shop Mystery #20, by Laura Childs

Imagine floating in a hot air balloon high above scenic, historic Charleston amid a flying parade of a half dozen others in flight. Theodosia Browning gave it a try and thought this must be the coolest thing she’d ever done. Her long-time friend and tea sommelier Drayton Conneley disagreed, deciding it was terrifying. He was about to be proven right. Suddenly a drone narrowly missed them and wildly crashed into another balloon floating next to them, killing three. A terrible accident, or was it intentional?

Scared by their near miss, and concerned about the direction of the investigation under Detective Tidwell, Theodosia finds herself gathering clues and analyzing suspects. It’s a fascinating collection of characters, and a fun puzzle to try your hand solving as you read along and Theodosia shares her clues and observations with you.

While detecting, Theodosia still has the fabulous Indigo Tea Shop to run along with Drayton and also beloved cook and baker Haley. Along with the everyday delicacies and custom tea blends served both in the café and to go, special events are routinely scheduled. Delight in reading about the Nancy Drew tea, and be on the alert for suspect activity. Savor the detailed description of the elegant Beaux Arts event as it is planned, decorated, and enjoyed. There are so many tasty tidbits of historical, baking, and tea information for the reader too, as Drayton says at the Beaux Arts Tea, “And now that we’ve got you half-tipsy on tea, champagne, and knowledge, I’d like to introduce our hostess, Miss Theodosia Browning.”

At the end of the book the author shares Haley’s recipes, and a couple from other characters, great ideas for tea parties, and an extensive list of tea resources. Laura Childs is a prolific mystery writer with her multiple series — Scrapbooking Mysteries, Cackleberry Club Mysteries, Tea Shop Mysteries, Anthologies, and Afton Tangler Thrillers (written as Gerry Schmitt).

You can find more information about the author and her books at Kendall & Cooper Talk Mysteries with Laura Childs. Included in the podcast is an interview at our own friends at  Edmonds Treasures and Teas Shopwhere a personally blended Laura Childs Mystery Tea was blended and sent to the author. She loved it, of course! Recommend you stop by and try a mystery blend of your own to enjoy while you read.

– By Wendy Kendall

Wendy Kendall is a writer, project manager, wedding officiant and volunteer at the Edmonds Library

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