Recommended Reads: Salish Sea celebrates vibrant local water body

The Salish Sea, by Audrey DeLella Benedict & Joseph K. Gaydos

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What a wonderful celebration of the history, biology, beauty and vibrancy of The Salish Sea. This book makes a dynamic impact immediately with its incredible photography that is generously featured on every page of the book. Caught in the moment are the precious scenery and animals of this inland sea off the coast of Washington and British Columbia. Mixed saltwater and freshwater, it includes the Puget Sound, Strait of Juan de Fuca, and the Strait of Georgia. The endearing and insightful photography is mesmerizing. The remarkable images are from many contributing professional and amateur photographers. As stated by the authors, “their photographs reveal a profound sense of place and present the intricate beauty of the Salish Sea in a way that will inspire the next generation of conservation stewards.”

Not to be outdone, the authors skillfully weave the many ribbons of the story that is this Jewel of the Pacific Northwest. They share its history in the most interesting way, including spinning the tales of its biological creation, European explorers, and native peoples. They move onto descriptions of the environment, plants, and animals both above and below the surface of the water. They include some thoughtful quotes for the chapters including, “I arise in the morning torn between the desire to save the world and a desire to savor the world. That makes it hard to plan the day.” — E. B. White

Even readers who live right in this region, or visit it frequently, are sure to learn so much in this book, and at the same time be entertained and delighted. Both authors are actively involved with the SeaDoc Society. Audrey DeLella Benedict, a writer and naturalist, is a member of the board. Joseph K. Gaydos, a licensed veterinarian with a PhD in wildlife health, is Chief Scientist for this marine science and conservation program focused on the Salish Sea as a whole. Founded in 2001, SeaDoc is part of the Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center at the University of California at Davis School, of Veterinary Medicine. Based on Orcas Island, the SeaDoc organization works on both sides of the international border to conduct and support research in many areas, and makes scientific findings available to the public and resource managers who will help shape the future of the Salish Sea. To find out more about SeaDoc, visit

– By Wendy Kendall

Wendy Kendall is a writer, project manager and volunteer at the Edmonds Library. Follow her via her blog here or on Twitter @wendywrites1.

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