Recommended Reads: Follow trail of murder in mystery set in Hollywood’s golden age

Design For Dying, by Renee Patrick

Lights, camera, mystery! Travel to the golden age of vintage Hollywood and see if you can find the killer as you gather clues along with partnered amateur sleuths Lillian Frost and Edith Head. That’s right, in this novel it’s 1937 Los Angeles and Edith Head has yet to gain fame and any of her eight Academy Awards. Right now she’s starting at the bottom, working the wardrobes for movie stars. She’s also helping to discover and analyze some curious Hollywood secrets.

Murder strikes one of the many young women who have come to Hollywood on the promise of a screen test and the hope of a leading role. Who would have the motive, means and opportunity to kill this intriguing young woman, a gem named Ruby? You’ll learn much about this beautiful victim through her friends, including Lillian Frost.

Lillian was also an aspiring actress, who is working in a department store. She jumps into the investigation after handsome Detective Morrow initially pulls her aside as one of the suspects. As you gather clues with Lillian, you’re taken on a fun hunt through scenes of the entertainment industry as it’s gathering its momentum as a business of dreams. Early in this journey our young amateur sleuth meets and becomes friends with hard working Edith Head. During the hunt there are wonderful, cameo appearances by fictionalized, real name actors and celebrities that will delight you.

The authors are a surprise too. Yes it is collaboration, written by husband-and-wife team Rosemarie and Vince Keenan. They’ve done an incredible amount of research about classic Hollywood and they weave this information into the story so dynamically that the background and details add dimension into this story. Some of the elements you’ll enjoy include the irresistible humor, and the alluring glamour. And at the heart is an exciting mystery to solve. After all, as one of Barbara Stanwyck’s lines in the movie Baby Face in 1933 — “What chance has a woman got?”

There’s already a wonderful sequel available titled Dangerous To Know. In this novel you’ll meet again some recurring characters, and be introduced to new ones and more fun celebrity cameos. A third book is in the works now.

And if you want to hear more from the authors listen on YouTube to Kendall & Cooper Talk Mysteries with Renee Patrick.

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