Recommended Reads: ‘Elusive Exlixir’ a mystery laced with supernatural components

Elusive Elixir, by Gigi Pandian

Centuries-old protagonist Zoe Faust, the accidental alchemist, is traveling between Portland, Ore. and Paris, France in search of an Elusive Elixir that can help her friend and sidekick, Dorian the 3-foot-tall gargoyle chef. He is facing a dire dilemma as he is slowly turning into stone. As you can imagine, Dorian has to keep a low profile around Portland to avoid scaring the residents, although his innate talents and humor are truly a delight. Only Zoe can unravel the alchemical secrets that may save him. During her distraught search, she is also confronted by a cold case murder from one of her previous lives that she’s compelled to solve. As you can deduce, this inventive author has raveled some supernatural and paranormal elements around an irresistible mystery.

As Zoe explains, “Alchemy is a personal transformation. Its core principle is transforming the impure into the pure, be it lead into gold or a dying body into a thriving one.” She is dedicated with a deep passion to her science. She’s also a loyal friend and struggles with her extraordinarily lengthy life in the social ties she makes. In this book she revels in the joys of romance, while still shuddering as she contemplates the secrets she’s keeping from him. The reader is treated to almost the feeling of time travel as Zoe recalls adventures of her previous lives. The author writes in such gorgeous details, as different eras are magically brought to life.

Gigi Pandian is a USA Today bestselling author with three books in the Accidental Alchemist series. She’s received the Left Coast Crime’s Lefty and Rose awards, as well as short listed for the Macavity and Agatha Awards. She spent much of her childhood travelling the world with her cultural anthropologist parents, undoubtedly enriching her writing by bringing depth to her settings and brilliance to her characters. She is also an enthusiastic, almost vegan health food dynamo. She treats her readers to delicious, easy-to-make recipes in her books as well.

This is truly an original mystery, laced with supernatural components, and a modern twist on an ancient science. Will that Elusive Elixir be found in time to save Dorian from a horrific nightmare, trapped alive within stone? Will the cold case murder be solved to Zoe’s satisfaction, before she is herself accused of the murder from her past life? And can romance thrive through it all? You’ll enjoy reading about it all.

And if you want to hear more from the author listen on YouTube to Kendall & Cooper Talk Mysteries with Gigi Pandian.

– By Wendy Kendall

Wendy Kendall is a writer, project manager and volunteer at the Edmonds Library. Follow her via her blog here or on Twitter @wendywrites1.

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