Recommended nearby: Whidbey Island murder mystery event


Recommended Reads author Wendy Kendall passed along this tip for those who enjoy murder mysteries:

In the town of Langley, on Whidbey Island, for 33 years there has been a murder mystery at the end of February. The whole town participates, and they invite visitors to join in as well. You’re invited to sleuth for yourself on Feb. 25 or 26, and see if you can find the guilty character.

These plots, and the fun and humor surrounding these mysteries, have been created and spearheaded for the last 17 years by Loretta Martin, The Mystery Woman. Residents volunteer for roles and in other ways to help bring the story to life for a weekend.

For more detailed information about how to join in as a visitor click here.

In the link above, Kendall joins mystery writer Julie Cooper for a podcast interview with the Mystery Woman herself. They also discuss how humor can work in murder mysteries, plus book recommendations.


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