Prop 1 shows big lead in ‘Yes’ vote percentage–but short of minimum votes required in Tuesday results

A proposed Civic Campus layout.

Based on the percentage alone, Prop 1 for a new Mountlake Terrace City Hall and a Police Station Expansion appear to be passing with flying colors with 67.07 percent of votes in support.

However, in order for the measure to pass, a minimum of approximately 4,000 ballots need to be cast. As of Tuesday evening, just 1,980 ballots have been counted.

“We need additional votes to come in,” said City Manager Scott Hugill. “But (based on) the percentage itself, it looks like the community strongly supported the measure, so that’s good.”

Since it is a bond measure, 60 percent of voters must approve Prop 1. A minimum number of 4,030 ballots turned in on the measure is also required.

If passed, the City will be able to raise $12.5 million to build an approximately 18,000 square-foot City Hall building, as well as add approximately 3,000 square feet to the existing police station.

The proposition was created over the course of the year, including work by a City Hall Advisory Committee and several community meetings, where citizens could provide their input on the project.

“I’d really like to thank the community for all their great participation and shaping of the proposal from start to finish,” Hugill said. He added a special thanks to the members of the City Hall Advisory Committee.

The City of Mountlake Terrace has been renting space from Redstone Corporate Center, located at 6100 219th St. S.W., for City Hall space following a 2008 ceiling collapse in the old City Hall building, which made the building unsafe for employees. Rent costs the city about $40,000 per month.

Voters approved a levy lid lift in 2016 to temporarily cover the cost of rent at Interim City Hall for four years while a new City Hall is planned and built, assuming the project is approved by voters. In 2021, property taxes will drop by 19 cents, as part of the Levy Lid Lift that was approved last year will expire. The measure only included money for rent at Redstone for the first four years–which is projected to be the time needed to pass a bond measure and build a new City Hall.

Three previous ballot measures – one for $37.5 million in 2010 and two more for $25 million in 2012 and 2013 –  failed to reach the required 60 percent to pass a capital bond measure.

A vote summary is below:

City of Mountlake Terrace Proposition No. 1 – Civic Campus Bonds
Under Votes     56
Over Votes        0

Vote Count Percent
YES        1,328      67.07%
NO            652      32.93%
Total       1,980     100.00%

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