Progress on 12-unit townhome project at 216th Place SW

Rendering of townhome project, courtesy

A 12-unit townhome project that NextMLT originally reported on in February 2018 appears to be moving forward.

The New Terrace Townhomes is proposed as a 12-unit townhome development comprised of two 3-story buildings, with six single-family residential units in each. The existing lot is 0.6 of an acre in size, and was developed with one single-family home that has since been demolished.

This proposed development is located at the northeast corner of 216th Place Southwest and 50th Avenue West, at 4907 216th Pl. S.W. Buildings are oriented north to south, with the west building having front doors that have direct access to 50th Avenue West, while the east building has pedestrian pathways that can access either 50th or 216th. This property is zoned Medium Density Multi-Household (RMM) in which the construction of townhomes is an allowed use. The properties to the north and west are zoned RMM as well, while to the east and south is zoned Single Household Residential (RS)

As part of the development of this property, there will also be frontage improvements consisting of curb and gutter, 5-foot sidewalk and a 5-foot planting strip with street trees. On-site improvements include landscaping, common open space, ADA parking, and pedestrian circulation. Landscape buffering will be provided along the perimeter of the project, along with additional landscaping between zones that differ from each other. Common open space includes open green space and a common deck/patio area. Retention of three trees is being achieved as well.

Each unit will have two garaged tandem parking spaces and bicycle parking. One on-site ADA guest parking spot will be provided as well.

The project was listed for sale earlier this year but county records do not show any change in ownership of the property, NextMLT said. See more drawings here.

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