Portion of Calvary Fellowship property listed for sale

Image courtesy NextMLT

Calvary Fellowship has listed a portion of its land for sale, according to a post by NextMLT.

The church owns two parcels of land taking up much of the space between 56th and 58th Avenues West, and 232nd and 234th Streets Southwest. It’s the largest piece of property in Town Center other than the property formerly owned by Roger’s Market Place.

According to NextMLT, in December 2013, the church had listed the entire property, both parcels, for $10 million. In March of 2014 the listing was split, offering the northern parcel for $4.95 million and the southern for $4.3 million. The current listing states that the church intends to subdivide the northern parcel and sell a 20,000 square foot portion along 232nd Street Southwest. This portion would include the small building along 232nd St SW. This building is actually attached to another building under separate ownership that includes the Mandarin Chili Chinese restaurant.

At $1.2 million this comes out to about $2.6 million per acre. The property is zoned for up to seven stories and is directly across 58th Avenue West from the future City Hall.

–By Dustin DeKoekkoek, NextMLT


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