Police arrest suspect in Brier burglary in Mountlake Terrace on Friday


Community members may have noticed a large police presence in the area of 228th Street Southwest and 44th Avenue West on Friday afternoon, as officers closed in on a suspected burglar who retreated to his residence in the area.

The call came in on Friday afternoon as a burglary on Vine Road in the city of Brier. Brier Police Chief Mike Catlett spoke to MLTnews on Monday to provide details.

“When an officer arrived in the area, he saw the suspect fleeing in a vehicle and attempted to stop the suspect,” Catlett said. “The suspect then fled into Mountlake Terrace, fled from the vehicle and went into his apartment.”

Later on, the suspect surrendered to police by exiting his apartment near the intersection of 44th Avenue West and 228th Street Southwest. He was taken into custody for eluding officers and for residential burglary.

“It was pretty straightforward,” Catlett said.


  1. “Eluding” not “alluding”… common mix up! I was at Subway right when this all went down next door and a customer came in right after me and said he had been behind the guy in his car… he notes that the guy was being chased by the cops, but when he came to an intersection he put on his turn signal.

    Wouldn’t want to get a traffic citation I guess!


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