Plant Exchange in the Rain!


Note from the editor: this post is by new MLTnews contributor LoveGarden. Email [email protected] for more info about contributing.

MLT Fall Plant ExchangeHow Northwest is that? Whether it rains or whether the sun shines, life and events go on.

The annual Fall Plant Exchange held for the past three years by the MLT Gardenaires was held at Candy Cane park with rain dripping from umbrellas, hoods and coffee steaming and served from the back of vehicles. Oh yes, the pumpkin bread was yummy as well.

Everyone brought their extra plants, shared gardening tips, reminisced´┐Żover past garden tours and talked about plans for future gatherings.

The next exchange will be in the Spring and if you love gardens, are curious about what grows where and just love sharing the “fruits” of your yard, you can contact Barbara Carpenter at 425 829 8953.

There are so amazing gardens in our city often hidden away in fabulous back yards. It is lots of fun and so expanding to be able to share the wisdom of others who love plants.


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