Planning Commission to hear final preferred Ballinger Park Master Plan at Monday’s meeting

Ballinger Park
Ballinger Park

The Mountlake Terrace Planning Commission has a full plate on its agenda for Monday’s meeting.

The commission will be considering the Ballinger Park Master Plan, the Atworth Commons Rezone, the Impact Fee Methodology Ordinance and the Code Enforcement Chapter Revision.

Berger Partnership will present the final preferred Ballinger Park Master Plan for a recommendation to Council. The final plan will then be presented to the Council at a work session on Sept. 3, with final approval scheduled on Sept. 8.

The commission will review a request to amend the official zoning map related to the Atworth Commons Planned Unit Development (PUD), which is generally located between 56th and 58th Avenues W and 216th and 218th Streets SW. The Atworth Commons PUD proposal is to construct 31 single-family homes on 4.35-acres using the PUD process to vary lot sizes, street widths and other requirements subject.

The requested amendment or rezone would show that both the underlying zoning designation of “Single Household Residential, minimum lot size 8,400 square feet” and an approved Planned Unit Development (PUD) designation. A dual designation is required for any PUD approved by the City. The rezone action would not change the underlying zoning, the scope of the PUD proposal, or create additional impacts beyond what is proposed by an approved PUD, but adds an overlay designation on the subject site to identify a PUD applies.

The commission will be considering a draft ordinance adopting new provisions for collecting and processing impact fees.

The commission also will be considering a new code enforcement ordinance that City staff hopes will address a number of concerns including:

  • Enforcement of both zoning code and subdivision code violations
  • A well defined process for notice of violations.
  • Descriptions on what notices must include to fully inform persons of what is needed to bring the violation into compliance
  • Flexibility for the code compliance officer to determine a reasonable time for compliance
  • Provisions that trigger criminal penalties for repeat offenders of an otherwise civil violation.
  • Provisions and procedures for “stop work orders” that ensure that violations already in process do not continue until formal proceedings have been carried out.
  • Provisions for “emergency order” that ensures that violations that threaten the health and safety of the occupant or member of the public are discontinued and corrected.
  • More descriptive provisions for appealing violation notices and for how the appeal hearing is to be conducted and appeal decisions rendered

The meeting will be at 7 p.m. at the Mountlake Terrace Interim City Hall, 6100 219th St. SW., Suite 220, second floor.


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