Paine Field set to start commercial flights in 2019 after updated FAA review

Artists renderings of the new Paine Field passenger terminal, due to begin serving customers next fall. (Courtesy Propeller Aviation)

A plan to bring passenger flights to Paine Field in Everett has cleared a regulatory hurdle, paving the way for services to start early next year, our online news partner The Seattle Times reports.

The Federal Aviation Administration on Saturday released an updated environmental assessment, finding that commercial flights proposed by three airlines would not have a significant impact on traffic or noise in the area. The report follows up on the regulator’s initial approval of commercial flights from Paine Field in 2012.

A public hearing on the FAA’s environmental assessment is scheduled for Oct. 29 at the Lynnwood Convention Center. The public comment period runs through Nov. 2.

You can read more about the assessment in The Times story here.

  1. I am very ready for Paine Field to get going. In a couple weeks I have to fly over to Spokane and dread that it will take me longer to get into SeaTac and on to my plane that it will to actually get to Spokane.

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