Officer Osborn Keeping Our Streets Safe


The Enterprise recently published an article about how one Mountlake Terrace police officer, Brian Osborn, is making a big difference keeping drunk and high drivers off the street:

Osborn, 36, a police officer for eight years, has been on the Mountlake Terrace force for four. During his time in Mountlake Terrace, he has consistently posted the highest number of DUI arrests in the unit and was recently certified as the department’s only Drug Recognition Expert (DRE)…
Osborn is relaxed and friendly as he patrols Mountlake Terrace, though the father of two is perhaps better described as motivated. Aside from his DUI success, his focus shows in his free time activities: He is specially trained as a member of the Snohomish County SWAT team, and was once a world-ranked skeet shooter training for the Olympics.

Read the entire article at the Enterprise.

Officer Osborn recently was presented a Commendation by police chief Gregory Wilson for his dedication to keeping our roads safe by averaging 78 DUI arrests per year for the past three years.

[image courtesy hankoss]


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