‘Nothing has been denied’: Brier mayor says middle school readerboard still possible


By Doug Petrowski

The City of Brier and the Edmonds School District are continuing talks concerning the electronic readerboard that Brier-Terrace Middle School wants to erect on its campus, according to Brier Mayor Bob Colinas.

“We are having discussions on the subject,” Mayor Colinas said in an email to MLTnews on Sunday.

School officials, parents and students were disappointed that the readerboard they raised $11,000 to help purchase didn’t pass standards outlined in Brier city code and, presumably, wouldn’t get city approval. The City of Brier only allows artificially lighted signs that do not flash and have “no movement or simulated movement.”

While Brier Municipal Code does not allow for the type of sign that the District has purchased, Colinas said he remains open to the city granting a variance on the project. “After speaking with Nick (Chou, ESD Capital Improvement Design and Construction Manager), I told him I would look into this and what it would take to make a modification,” Colinas said. “Modifications take time and I will be working with Nick and the Brier City Council to see what we can do.”

Colinas said it was premature for MLTnews to post an article last week stating that the city has said no to the readerboard. “At this point the District has not made application, therefore nothing has been denied,” Mayor Colinas said. “I think the comments in MLTnews.com did misrepresent the efforts being made to see if we can make this work.”


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