Nock Point Archery Thriving in MLT


The Snohomish County Business Journal has a great article online about Nock Point Archery, who recently moved from the Town Center neighborhood to Melody Hill:

Growth seems to be the operative word around The Nock Point, which refers to the place on the bowstring where the “nock” or “end” of the arrow is fitted for shooting.

The business began in a 3,000-square-foot building a few miles away from its present location, a 7,000-square-foot building that became the center’s home in January. The new facility has 26 shooting lanes for target archers, which is up from only eight lanes at the old location. The pro shop space is much larger as well.

The economy has not adversely affected the archery business. In fact, it expanded recently to meet growing demand.

“You don’t really need a lot of expensive equipment to enjoy the sport,” Hickey said.

The business boomed in 2007, decreased somewhat in 2008, remained flat in 2009, but they expect it to grow in 2010.

Read the rest here.


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