New Nick Terry Film Debuts June 26


Local filmmaker and MTHS alum, Nicholas Terry, sets sights on saving “The Historic Everett Theatre.”

Nicholas “Nick” Terry – coming off a very successful world premiere of his film “Senior Prom” at the 2010 Seattle International Film Festival – is putting the finishing touches on his next film: “The Historic.”

Another mockumentary, “The Historic” is a comedy about a group of teenagers working at “The Historic Everett Theatre” in downtown Everett, Washington. In the story, the theatre is struggling to make ends meet and is on the verge of being sold when the owner, Scott, is contacted by a former worker who wants to world premiere his Hollywood film there. Thinking that this is just the thing to revitalize the theatre, Scott and his team of misfits, struggle to keep the theatre going for two more months until the world premiere…while trying to get along with each other in the process.

Though unrated, the film would be rated PG for adult themes/subject matter.

On June 26th at 7 p.m., a rough-cut version of the film will be shown at “The Historic Everett Theatre” as part of an evening of fun and entertainment. Though the showing is free, we will be accepting, and encouraging, donations to help support the theatre.


  1. have not seen it, looks hilarious, miss Ryan Woodyard from school, all other great actors, had a class with Nick actualy and he is a very smart person loving every second of his films keeep up the good work … The next big thing


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