NextMLT: Mountlake Village renderings show grocery store, public plaza at former Roger’s property


    Arca, the developer of the former Roger’s Market Place property on 56th Avenue West, has released renderings of a possible design for a multi-use building on the site, which were shared by NextMLT on Wednesday.

    According to Alan Clark, of Arca, the renderings are concepts only and nothing has been formally submitted to the City of Mountlake Terrace yet.

    The design would also not be allowed under the city’s current zone for the building. The 14-story and eight-story buildings are both taller than what is currently allowed, though the city is currently reviewing the Town Center Plan. Changes to the plan could possibly allow for more flexibility in building height in the future.

    The renderings show two mixed-use buildings. The larger is planned to have a grocery store on the lower floors, while the smaller is set to have several smaller commercial spaces. Each would have several floors of residential space above the commercial spaces.

    According to NextMLT, the point of access to structured parking is located in line with 57th Avenue West at 232nd Street Southwest.

    For more information, visit NextMLT.


    1. I would love to see a grocery store there again, with a large enough PARKING LOT to accommodate all the cars! (People are not going to take the bus or ride bikes to go grocery shopping, they are going to drive their cars. You must be smoking something funny if you think otherwise.)

      Let me also take time to remind you of a restaurant space in one of those buildings down on 56th, which has sat vacant since the building opened several years ago. Why? There is NO PARKING!!! A restaurant needs parking for staff AND patrons! (and a grocery store does, too…) Three spaces in front of the building isn’t going to do it, folks!

      Forget all this ugly “mixed use” stuff; stop trying to turn Mountlake Terrace into another Bellevue or (shudder) another Seattle! We’ve lived here for a number of years, and we Prefer the suburban feel of the town, with a grocery store, the post office, the library….all the essentials! There’s not one thing wrong with that.

      We get the feeling that all the city council is interested in is all the tax dollars that this mixed-use ugliness will bring in. They don’t really care about the residents.

      • A couple of responses.

        Lots of people stop by grocery stores by walking, biking, or taking transit. I do it all the time. This will not be a Costco or Target. Plus, lots of the people shopping at the grocery store would live above the grocery store.

        Arbor Village at 56th and 236th has underground parking for the commercial space.

        Many residents want some changes to happen and are glad to see large surface parking lots go away. And yes, absolutely we should be thinking about the tax dollars. Would love to get some improvements to our parks, streets, police staffing, etc.

        • A lot of people are also wrong. Do you think that the developers of Arbor Village envisioned years of commercial vacancies when they came up with their limited on-street parking mixed development? Getting people out of their cars has been a concept years (really decades) in the making. Public commercial use still rarely thrives without obvious convenient parking.

          Look at the sandwich shop at Arbor Village. I like to eat, I like to eat the style of food they serve, I have not been there a single time. If they were over in the development of Double D’s I guarantee I would have made multiple purchases by now. How many other sales are they losing for the same reason? Maybe they survive this, maybe they don’t, certainly makes it a lot harder to thrive.

          Put a grocery store in the Rogers land developement and I will use it IF there is a good for me parking plan, if not I will just go to QFC on 44th.

            • Yes I do, the garage is not convienent enough to get me to stop in though, so in effect its useless. The parking solution for the development pencils out fine it just doesn’t work in practice as well as numbers claim it will.

    2. Parking is a must for grocery stores! If a store wants the business, then they better provide parking. I am not hauling my groceries home on the back of my bike. Ms. Trayer, your dead on, I see good old MLT turning into a Lynnwood! That’s NOT why we bought a house out here. The city of Seattle has already destroyed the community of Ballard where I grew up. Breaks my heart! Don’t let it happen here.

        • As I said there is parking and there is obvious/convienent parking. Heading out right now to a late lunch, do I go to that sandwich shop at Arbor or do I head to the little Korean place in Lynnwood on 44th? One I can park right in front, both are about the same distance from my house, guess where I am about to spend money.

    3. I think this is a great idea and can’t wait to see MLT grow. Its been stagnant for far too long. Rogers market place and all those empty retail stores on 56th is an eye sore. It would be nice to bring a little bit of urbanization (moderately). I think having something there is better than whats there now.


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