New rides at this year’s Tour de Terrace


New rides at this year’s Tour de Terrace include Ali Baba and Flying Bobs.
By Doug Petrowski

Some say it is the parade, others say its the food and crafts booths, while others say its the live music. But for many its the carnival rides and games that draw them to come back each year to Tour de Terrace.

The 2012 event is set for this weekend, July 27-29, with the carnival opening the festival at noon Friday.

The family-owned amusement company Davis Shows Northwest has been operating traveling carnivals throughout Washington and Oregon since the 1950s. This is its 10th year bringing rides and games to Tour de Terrace. This years edition includes some new rides to the Mountlake Terrace festival, including Startrooper, Ali Baba and Flying Bobs.

Ticket prices for the rides at Tour de Terrace will be $3.50 for a single ride, 10 rides for $30, or an all-day pass for $25.



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