New MLT City Manager Arlene Fisher sworn in Monday

    Arlene Fisher being sworn in as the City of Mountlake Terrace's new city manager.
    Arlene Fisher being sworn in as the City of Mountlake Terrace’s new city manager.

    In a brief ceremony at the beginning of the March 3 City Council meeting, Arlene Fisher was sworn in as City of Mountlake Terrace City Manager before family members and onlookers.

    After taking the oath of office, Fisher was congratulated by members of the City Council, then introduced her family to those in attendance.

    Fisher briefly described her first day on the job at Mountlake Terrace City Hall. “I had a brief, impromptu meeting with the employees here at City Hall so they would know who was forging through the supply room and the strange person walking around,” Fisher said smiling. “I wanted them to get to know me.”

    Fisher also met with Assistant City Manager Scott Hugill for three-and-a-half hours on Monday. Hugill had been serving as the city’s Interim City Manager prior to Fisher taking the office. Members of the City Council publicly thanked Hugill for serving in the top administrative post on the interim basis.

    Fisher had most recently been serving as the City Administrator for the City of Cheney prior to taking the Mountlake Terrace position.

    “We want to welcome you guys,” Mountlake Terrace Mayor Jerry Smith said to Fisher and her family, “because you probably just moved to the greatest city in the State of Washington.”

    — Story and photo by Doug Petrowski



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