New LED light fixtures, poles at Lake Ballinger parking lot

ballnger lights
New light poles at Lake Ballinger. (Photo by Doug Petrowski)

The parking lot and boat launch area of the Ballinger Park Boat and Fishing Access, 23600 Lakeview Dr., is a little brighter after dark these days now that new LED light fixtures installed on new light poles are up and running.

Park and street maintenance crews from the City of Mountlake Terrace recently completed erecting four new metal light poles in the parking lot of the city-owned park land. A total of six new LED fixtures illuminate the lot after sunset; previously there had been only three light fixtures attached to three poles at the site.

The new fixtures will supply more distributed and better quality light while using less total power, said city officials.

The project was undertaken as the previous wooden light poles were rotting and required replacement.


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