New Brier Terrace MS readerboard set to arrive in early October

School officials hope the new readerboard, scheduled to arrive next month, will fit next to the current one, shown here.

Story and photo by Doug Petrowski

A new electronic readerboard for Brier-Terrace Middle School is on its way to the school campus and is scheduled to be installed early next month.

“The anticipated install date is currently the first week of October,” said Matt Finch, construction project coordinator for the Edmonds School District.

The sign was purchased with $11,000 raised by BTMS students and parents, with a matching contribution from an Edmonds School District capital projects fund.

There was some question this summer if City of Brier municipal code would allow a sign that electronically flashed messages and images, but city officials decided the sign and its placement were acceptable.

“Once (the district) made a formal application and we were able to review it, we determined it met our code,” said Nicole Gaudette, spokesperson for the Brier code department. The district’s application was reviewed by the city’s code department and Mayor Bob Colinas.

The biggest factor for approving the sign was that it would be placed on the gymnasium facing a school parking lot, and not out on the right-of-way alongside Brier Road, Gaudette explained.

Amy McVay, BTMS staff coordinator for the project, is hoping the sign will fit besides the current readerboard in place at the school – “if there truly enough room,” she said. There is a gymnasium vent that may hinder that plan.

If both signs don’t fit in the space, the old readerboard will be removed. And what would be done with the old sign? McVay would like to see it placed in the school’s cafeteria. “It’s a piece of school history, so we need to keep it,” she said.

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