Music in the Park comes to Brier

Around 300-plus attendees came to experience music Wednesday night at Brier City Park as part of the summer’s “Music in the Park” event.  Bicyclists, toddlers, retirees, students, and everyone in between sat on the grass or ate tacos, grilled cheese and ice cream from food trucks nearby.

Guitarist Danny Godinez started the evening. He has performed with ZZ Top, Jason Mraz, as well as with his own band. The ’70s and ’80s cover band, The Slacks, performed as the second act by the time I had arrived.

I wish I had saved my ’80s outfits for an event such as this. Each band member wore an outlandish outfit wilder than the other.

The Slacks’ setlist included songs by Hall and Oates, Lipps Inc, and Earth Wind and Fire. “Danceable, group music,” as keyboardist Dave Wiens described it. Ask what he’d like to see happen tonight, Wiens said, “I hope to see smiles on faces, maybe some kids up and around dancing, and people having a good time.”By the look of the happy audience, he got his wish.

An amusing moment: One young man in his early teens saw Dave Wiens and said to his buddy, “Is that Post Malone?” OK, with the beard and closely shaved head, Dave kind of looks like the rapper.  I watched as the boys walked up to him to verify that he in fact was Malone. I’m sure Dave took that as a compliment.

The event was  organized by the Brier Parks Board.

— Story and photos by David Carlos