MTYAA baseball registration open


Registration for the 2010 season of MTYAA baseball is now open. You can register online or at one of the league’s registration events held at the Mountlake Terrace library on January 30th and February 6th.

Here’s some info about MTYAA from their web site:

MTYAA Baseball is a Pony Baseball affiliate and strives to “Protect Our Nation’s Youth” by providing experiences in youth baseball that help young people grow into healthy, happy adults.

MTYAA Baseball seeks to instill in its participants the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty loyalty, courage, discipline and respect for authority. It is our hope that the youth of the area will grow to be citizens whose adult lives will reflect those values. We seek to reach these objectives by providing the highest quality of supervision and competitive games. The winning of games is secondary to the players’ well-being. MTYAA Baseball coaches teach all players all aspects of the game of baseball. At MTYAA Baseball, EVERY KID COUNTS, regardless of their athletic ability.

Find out more and register at


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