MTHS students walk out in protest of ‘fear, hatred’

Mountlake Terrace High School students hold signs in protest of the 2016 election. (Photo by Jack Fiorillo, The Hawkeye)
Mountlake Terrace High School students hold signs in protest of the 2016 election. (Photo by Jack Fiorillo, The Hawkeye)

A group of about 100 Mountlake Terrace High School students walked out of class on Monday afternoon in solidarity with a “nationwide walkout” to protest the election of Donald Trump.

The group met up on 44th Avenue West in front of the school at 1:30 p.m.

“This demonstration was an expression of these students’ free speech rights which we were obliged to respect,” Principal Greg Schwab said in a letter to parents Monday. “While at the top of the campus, students held signs and chanted, expressing their desire that Mountlake Terrace High School continues to be a place of respect for all students and community that is united, despite the national political climate.”

The students held up signs with phrases like “Love Trumps Hate” and “Students for Equality.”

Reporters with The Hawkeye spoke to Senior Jaeda Hawkes, who stood on an electrical box above the crowd to lead the chants.

“[The students are protesting right now] because this country is living in fear and living in hate and we need to change that,” she said.

For more details on the walkout, click here for coverage from The Hawkeye.

Similar rallies happened across the country Monday–and Mountlake Terrace was not the only local high school to walk out. Click here to read about the rally at Edmonds-Woodway High School.

  1. Why are these “children” allowed to walk out of school to protest an election they are told is bad? Just because you don’t like that your candidate did not win is no excuse to protest, riot, commit criminal acts, brutally attack people, etc. Trump is not in office yet and is getting blamed for many things. This behavior is being encouraged and should not be allowed to do so. I can only imagine what would have happened if people protested, etc. when Obama won, such behavior would not have been tolerated. The radicals need to practice what they preach about tolerance, love, etc. or is that only if they win? The election is over so grow up and accept it.

    1. Ms. Stromeyer, have you forgotten the protests against President Obama’s election and the racial epithets thrown at him?

      1. There were not violent protests, riots, people brutally attacked, students did not walk out of school, etc. when Obama was elected. If people did that they were have been locked up immediately and the protests shut down because you were not allowed to criticize Obama. People have called Trump and his family horrible things but that is allowed because it is coming from the left.

        P.S. I am a Miss not a Ms.

    2. I agree if it were flipped around would it be the same. The protester need to practice what they preach and not be such hypocritics, out of the 139 protesters in Portland Oregon that were arrested because theier candidate lost 79 of them didn’t even vote so this is your Hillary Clinton deplorable supporters. So to allow Mountlake Terrace high-school students to walk out of class to protest the election is ridiculous. Mabe if the educators and there supervisors would spend more time on student education then maybe their disagreement with the Electoral system they might have a better chance of making changes, if they understood how it worked. This childish wining and the need for greef counseling because they didn’t win it reduces there credibility on all they stand for. Maybe if we didn’t give trophies to everyone they would be able to except defeat on a more adult level. Get over it if you want to make a change you’ll be old enough to vote in 2021.

  2. A hearty thanks to our MLTHS students (and excellent teachers!) who are so informed and engaged in current events. Their motivation and desire to express themselves is a very encouraging sign that maybe our young people can counter the appalling atrophy of our US electorate. For those who don’t know, our country consistently has one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the world. This endangers our already unraveling democracy at a dangerous tipping point.

    Keep striving for a better country and a better world, young people! We need you to carry our brightest hopes forward.

  3. One more comment: Far too many of our citizens are ill informed because their only “news” sources are those that consistently stoke the fires of fear, suspicion, hate, ignorance and paranoia. They take a shred of truth and distort it for sensationalism. As an alternative, try regularly reading the Seattle Times, the New York Times and Washington Post–and for local news, our beloved

  4. Your not even giving him a chance you strike with hated of our President elect. If you feel the Hillary Clinton was the answer and you could have voted in this year’s presidential election you would have changed nothing. Hillary Clinton won this state. She can be bought and if you think that Wickieleaks altered those emails then your drinking the Clinton Kool-aid of denial. Trump isn’t perfect but he hasn’t been corrupted by the system. He will drain the swamp as they say. The pure definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results… well Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton had been in politics for most of her life and she has done nothing to fix the problem to, time for a different perspective on government outlook time to make changes that we need to make our country what it was before the career politicians continue on the path of no hope. If Obama pardons Hillary Clinton for all that she has done wrong to this country and yet she hasn’t been charge with anything yet what’s that say about all our current President Obama of what he knew of her wrong doings and if he doesn’t and Congress continues on the path they were on with all her miss handling of top secret files all the lies to congress the four americans she didnt help protect in Benghazi she will go to jail. So before you crucify President elect Donald Trump how about help uniting all of us together to make him and all of us successful. Donald Trump is for the people of this great country. Hillary Clinton is for Hillary Clinton. Thank you Dennis

  5. Rather than arguing politics (because that goes nowhere), I will say this; I am happy that the students are learning how to exercise their rights as entailed by the First Amendment. I am also happy that there was no violence or vandalism during this walkout.

    I am also happy that despite being too young to vote now, they are getting to know politics. The division in our country shows that the current system is not working. My hope is that this younger generation will figure out a better system. While I understand that not everyone will be happy, half the country should not feel disenfranchised every time a President is elected.

  6. Students should not be allowed to leave school and protest. They are being used to push an agenda that the left is promoting and indoctrinating into our children.

      1. They were most definitely allowed. The article quotes the principal stating they were obliged to respect free speech rights of the students. If they aren’t allowed to pray in school they shouldn’t be allowed to protest politics, either. Schools get most of their money from property taxes and so we the people are paying for these kids to skip school. Political protests should not be allowed on school property during school hours.

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