MTHS Sports Booster Club announces October athletes of month

Nikkie Froehlich
Nikkie Froehlich

The Mountlake Terrace Sports Booster Club have announced their MTHS Athlete Highlights selections for the month of October: seniors Nikkie Froehlich and Bryce Pingul.

Froehlich, one of three captains on this fall’s MTHS girls soccer squad, was praised by Head Coach Evan Hatch for her ability to lead teammates on the pitch and in the classroom. “She is a skilled, reliable and tenacious defender, and keeps our defensive line organized and prepared for our toughest opponents,” Hatch said. “Nikkie’s dedication, dependability and positive personality make her a great team leader both on and off the field.”

Bryce Pingul
Bryce Pingul

Pingul serves as captain of the MTHS boys tennis squad. “I am very lucky to have Bryce on the tennis team,” said Head Coach Alberto Ramirez. “He is a good listener and a well-respected team captain.”

“Bryce is not a ‘yes coach’ kind of player,” Ramirez continued. “Besides being a very coachable bright player, he is not shy to express his own opinion when he feels that he has something productive to say. As a coach, I appreciate his opinion whenever beneficial for the team or to myself, and try to learn from him as well as everyone else. I’m very proud to select him to carry the banner on behalf of the boys tennis team this year.”

MTHS Athlete Highlights posters can be found at select businesses around Mountlake Terrace; information on the October athletes, Froehlich and Pingul, in addition to past selected athletes, can be found on the SBC website.


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