MTHS Lip Dub video aimed at showcasing school, bringing students together

With inclusion of all students as the theme, the executive officers of the Mountlake Terrace High School Associated Student Body (ASB) made a Lip Dub video at the school in December. The video shows students, teachers and staff walking into the front entrance of the school and then through hallways, classrooms, the theater, the HUB and into the gym as they lip synced various songs.

“The purpose of the video was to showcase the school to the world in a fun way,” said ASB President Andy Shaw, “to put on an event where all students could come together collectively to work on one thing, to bring a sense of belongingness at the school, to try something new, to end our year together, and lastly to make something that Terrace students can look back on and be proud of.”

Andy Nguyen, the ASB Public Relations Officer, noted the inclusion represented in the video. “The purpose was mainly to unify our school together in a school-wide event involving clubs, sports, students, staff, etc.,” he said. “Anyone from any part of Terrace was a part of this.”

“I think it’s a pretty cool video too,” Nguyen added.

To view the Mountlake Terrace Lip Dub 2018, click

— By Doug Petrowski

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