MTHS February Students of the Month


Student Name: Marissa Danekas

Mother’s Name: Teresa Danekas
Father’s Name: Dave Danekas
GPA: 3.47
Clubs & Activities: Hawkeye Newspaper, Hawk Broadcasting Network, put together the 2011 Terrace Idol Event
ASB: Senior Class Secretary
Athletics: Freshman Volleyball 2007, JV Volleyball 2008, 2009-2010 Cheerleader, Varsity Soccer 2010
Honors: 2010 Homecoming Queen
Awards: Volleyball 110% Award, Soccer Sportmanship Award
Community Service: Orion Center for Teens
Culminating Project: Career Search on cosmetology. Job shadowing a future cosmetology professional and then performing a cut and a color from the cosmetology list of styles.
Current Employment: Receptionist at A-Team Driving School
Future Educational Goals: Get my cosmetology license, eventually go to school to become an event planner as a side job.
Future Career Goals: Own my own business, and be an event planner on the side.
Anything else we should know?: I’m a very hard-working, committed student. I work whole hearted to make sure the people around me at this school are having a great time in whatever I’m planning. I consistently put others before myself!

Student Name: Martinze T. Johnson

Mother’s Name: Felicia Njai
GPA: 2.5
Athletics: Basketball and football. Basketball is my main sport, which I’ve been playing since I was in the sixth grade. Football is my second sport. I have been playing football since I was in the sixth grade also. This year I got honorable mention for defensive back.
Community Service: I help out with the little sixth grade hawks. I give them a hand with their practices and help the kids to become better players, students and people. I do this to help them and guide them because I had someone guide me and help me out, and I feel like itís my time to give back to them.
Culminating Project: For my culminating project, I am shadowing the scouting coach for the huskies basketball program. One of my mentors is my brother-in-law, who is the scouting coach for University of Washington.
Future Educational Goals: I plan on going to a community college for two years and after I’m going to transfer to a four-year university. I want to get a degree in business.
Future Career Goals: My short-term career goal is to become a barber. I can see myself cutting hair while still going to school. Maybe after two years at the community college, I will look into running my own barbershop one day.
Anything else we should know?: That I could not have got this over night. It was a process with the help from the many supportive people in my life. I want to thank them and I will show them I can achieve more. Thanks to mentor Eric Esparza, Coach Sood, Mr. White, Mrs. Colins. I might be forgetting names now because there were a lot of people through this journey that helped me get to where I am in my life right now. Sorry if I forgot some names.


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