MTHS, BTMS students show engineering chops at WTSA state conference


    Students from Mountlake Terrace High School and Brier Terrace Middle School enjoyed a strong showing in competitions that took place at the Washington Technology Student Association (WTSA) Washington State Conference held March 22-24 at the Sea-Tac DoubleTree conference center in Tukwila.

    Mountlake Terrace sent 41 TSA students led by advisers Mark Burbank, Bryan Smelcer and James Wilson to the three-day state conference; Brier Terrace had a group of 26 TSA students, led by by advisers Abby Burton, Todd Johnston, Ryan Treadway and James Sullivan, attend the event.

    Leading the way for the MTHS contingent were Lukas Malins, Stephen Malysh, Anthony Le, Cole Goodnight, Bandhna Bedi, Wyatt Carter and Dylan Costinett, who received the TSA Silver Achievement Award for excellence in Leadership, Community Service, Scholarship and Knowledge of Technology.

    Middle school students Kayelynn Hornbeak-Hess, Cooper McCarthy, Sophie Kimura, Cleo Williams, Kirill Shatalov and Kristina Anguelova also received the TSA Silver Achievement Award for excellence in Leadership, Community Service, Scholarship and Knowledge of Technology, the first BTMS students to ever receive the honor.

    In other news from the state conference, Mountlake Terrace junior Sophie Burbank was elected to the state office of WTSA Reporter for the 2018-2019 school year. Todd Johnston was named the WTSA Middle School Advisor of the Year.

    The state conference attracted more than 1,200 participants, making it the largest in the history of the state association. BTMS TSA advisor Ryan Treadway stated the conference was the most competitive he had ever experienced.

    WTSA State Conference competitions, March 22-24 (MTHS results)

    3D Animation: Daniel Quach, Reese Newhouse – 1st place

    Animatronics: Matthew Khajehpour, Reiden Chea, Trevor Doan, Tony Le, Reece Newhouse, Sophie Burbank — 1st place

    On-Demand Video: Reece Newhouse, Robert Krieger, Andy Shaw, Daniel Quach, Matthew Khajehpour, Tony Le — 1st place

    Science Visualization: Amy Harris Meghan Park, Cole Johnston — 1st place

    Technology Bowl (written): Reiden Chea — 1st place

    Dragster Design: Sophie Burbank — 1st place

    Cole Goodnight — 2nd place

    Structural Design and Engineering: Reiden Chea, Sophie Burbank — 1st place

    Theo Armentrout, Pedro Lopez-Hernandez– 2nd place

    Ryan Bagaason, Lukas Malins — 3rd place

    Tony Le, Reece Newhouse — 4th place

    Ethan Cruz, Trevor Doan — 5th place

    Extemporaneous Speech: Matthew Khajehpour — 2nd place

    Debating Technology Issues: Meghan Park, Cole Johnston — 2nd place

    System Control Technology: Cole Goodnight, Dylan Costinett, Lukas Malins — 2nd place

    Webmaster: Trevor Doan, Reiden Chea, Ethan Cruz, Alec Ung — 4th place

    WTSA State Conference competitions, March 22-24 (BTMS results)

    Leadership Strategies: Kayelynn Hornbeak-Hess, Sophie Kimura, Cooper McCarthy — 1st place

    Career Prep: Cleo Williams — 2nd place

    Problem Solving: Colin Leen, Ethan Stuehrenberg — 2nd place

    Website Design: Jamiee Wacker, Sophia Susanto, Mia Susanto — 2nd place

    Technology Bowl (written): Cooper McCarthy — 3rd place

    Structural Engineering: Kristina Anguelova, Cooper McCarthy — 3rd place

    Lavina Simkowiak, Tegan Spaulding — 4th place

    Jr. Fernandez, Kirill Shatalov — 5th place (tie)

    Kerenza Suzara, Cloe Williams — 5th place (tie)

    Dragster: Kayelynn Hornbeak-Hess — 5th place

    Junior Solar Sprint: Jr. Fernandez, Kirill Shatalov — 5th place

    –By Doug Petrowski


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