Mountlake Terrace Town Center’s second townhome project almost complete

Mountlake Townhomes, 23430-55th Avenue West 006 copy
The townhomes project.

Construction of a second townhome project in the Mountlake Terrace Town Center District is nearing completion and the individual townhouses are now beginning to show up on local real estate listings.

Premiere Properties is building 12 townhomes at 23430-55th Ave. W.; the first to be completed, a 1,425-square-foot, three-bedroom two-bath townhome, is being marketed with a sales price of $319,960. Premiere’s description of the newly-constructed offering states that it includes a gourmet kitchen with granite countertops and all-stainless steel appliances, with a gas fireplace, radiant heating and a two-car garage.

Construction continues on the remaining eleven townhomes in the half-acre double parcel lot.

The Mountlake Townhomes project follows another townhouse project by the same developers less than a half-a-block away that was completed last year. The 234th Street Townhomes, a development made up of seven detached townhouses with one commercial unit, were finished last summer. All seven townhomes were sold before construction was even completed; Maida Hair Salon occupies the commercial space at 5505-234th St. S.W., #2.

— Story and photo by Doug Petrowski


    • 2 parks within 3 blocks and another 2 within about 7 blocks. Continued improvement on the safety and walkability of the streets in the neighborhood. Within walking distance of neighborhood elementary schools. Lots of opportunities for physical activity. Similar units sold for about $290K last year and overall the average sales price in MLT has gone up close to 12% (according to Zillow) in the past year so $320K seems about right.

  1. Having a yard, particularly a fenced yard, for children is distinctly different than having to leave your home in order for the kids to play outside. Isn’t that obvious?

    Does anyone have definitive knowledge of the buyer profiles for the previous town home project in downtown? Are families with children the expected buyers for this variety of housing?

  2. Looks cramped. I could never live in a place where all my windows looked into other peoples windows.

  3. Sorry Dustin, Nothing can replace having a fenced yard to play in. There is no place to set up a Swing-set, swimming pool during the summer, or have friends stay over for a camp-out in the back yard. All things my kids did when they were small.


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