Mountlake Terrace receives $1.3 million for Main Street Revitalization Project from the state legislature


City-of-MLT-logoThe City of Mountlake Terrace was a winner in the just completed state legislative session, according to the City’s legislative lobbyist Briahna Taylor.

In a report to the City Council at Wednesday’s work session, Taylor noted that the just completed session was the longest in state history -178 days.

“While it long, it was incredibly successful,” Taylor said.

The City’s top legislative priority, the Main Street Revitalization Project, received $1.3 million in funds from the Capital Budget. Combined with the $2 million previously received, the City has received a total of $3.3 million from the state. Mountlake Terrace had requested $2 million this time. The House proposed $1 million and the Senate proposed $1.8 million in their respective budgets.

Taylor praised the efforts of the City’s state legislators from the 1st District, especially Representative Derek Stanford.

“They worked very hard,” Taylor said. “It’s a credit to your legislators.”

The 32nd District legislators also supported the Main Street Revitalization Project funding request.

The City also supported the Economic Alliance of Snohomish County’s transportation funding request. Almost $800 million was allocated for projects throughout the county. The City’s Transportation Benefit District received the authority to raise vehicle tab fees from $20 to $40 and could raise the fee from $40 to $50 after 24 months. The tab fees are a source for the Main Street Revitalization Project.

In direct distribution funds, Mountlake Terrace will receive $897,000 over 16 years with $28,000 for this biennium. The City will receive $802,205/biennium in total state shared revenues, which is not new money, but restores and maintains existing revenues.

Taylor urged the City Council to thank their representatives and senators.

“It is really our legislators that make things happen,” she said.

– By David Pan


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