Mountlake Terrace police recognized at May 7 Council meeting


The City of Mountlake Terrace Police Department recognized staff with the 2012 Presentation of Awards at the City Council’s May 7 meeting. Awards were presented to Sergeants Patrick Lowe, Mike Haynes and Don Duncan, and to Officers Kim Berg, Brian Moss, and Brian Osborn.

Berg was awarded the Police Chief’s Commendation, recognizing high professional conduct in the performance of job responsibilities, for her work in pushing through the department’s accreditation in 2011. The City of Mountlake Terrace Police Department was the only police agency in the state to go through the accreditation process without any negative reviews in the 140 areas scrutinized.

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes employees who act and endure a significant risk to their life in the performance of their duties. Lowe, Haynes and Ross received Distinguished Service Awards for their response to an apparent suicide attempt, by a male with a firearm. They worked to negotiate with him, but when that failed, they used a less lethal means to control the situation and take the person into custody without significant injury or loss of life to anyone.

Duncan was awarded the Police Chief’s Commendation for his participation as the Patrol Sergeant responsible for managing an active shooter event. “As officers arrived, he quickly assembled an immediate action team of officers and cover officers to approach the area,” said Assistant Police Chief Pete Caw. “Within a short time, one of the officers noticed the subject aiming a weapon in the direction of officers and fired, mortally wounding the subject. Sergeant Duncan’s calm professional management throughout the incident was exemplary.”

The Life Saving Award recognizes an employee or citizen who by their immediate action saves a life under unusual or extraordinary circumstances. Osborn received the Life Saving Award for his actions during the active shooter event. “As Officers approached the area with the active shooter, Officer Osborn, a trained SWAT/sniper assigned to provide cover, observed the shooter in an upstairs window aiming his weapon in the direction of officers. Due to the immediate threat posed to the approaching team, Officer Osborn fired and mortally wounded the subject, eliminating the threat,” said Assistant Chief Caw.

Police Chief Greg Wilson explained that when he came on board in 2008 one of the goals requested by the department was recognition of employees for the jobs they do in the field. An Employee Recognition Review Board was formed from a cross section of the department selected by their peers.

Police Chief Wilson closed the awards by reading a caption from the Police Department’s policy. “The Mountlake Terrace Police Department expects a high level of professional conduct from all of its members. When members perform their duties in a manner exceeding the highest standards of the department, it is fitting to officially commend that performance and arrange for appropriate publicity to be provided. This gives full public recognition to those who brought honor to themselves and the department.”


  1. What did Officer Moss get recognized for? The first paragraph said he was awarded, but there’s no other mention of him.

    I did a ride-along with Officer Moss and he was very informative and a great representative for the city.



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