Mountlake Terrace Police Blotter: Sept. 6-12, 2019

Sept. 6

5900 block 232nd Street Southwest: A woman called the Mountlake Terrace Police Department to report that her bicycle had been stolen. She valued the bike at $500.

24300 block 56th Avenue West: A woman reported that her bicycle — a Trek Dual Sport 2 — was stolen while she was inside the Getaway Tavern. The bike was secured with a lock that had been broken to steal the bike She provided the police with a serial number.

Sept. 7

6400 block 218th Street Southwest: A woman was arrested during a traffic stop for a misdemeanor warrant for driving with a suspended license.

5800 block 244th Street Southwest: A man was arrested for burglary at Time Out Burger when police responded to an activated alarm. The man was reported to have forced open a rear door to gain entry. The cash register was removed and change was scattered on the floor. Before he was arrested, the man attempted to flee custody.

Sept. 8

202th Street Southwest/44th Avenue West: A male passenger was arrested during a traffic stop for violating a no-contact order against him by the female driver. They were reported to be married.

4500 block 244th Place Southwest: Police responded to a verbal dispute between two women.

4300 block 212th Street Southwest: Police responded to a reported shoplifting incident at Safeway after a woman did not pay for a cart full of groceries.

Sept. 9

5900 block 232nd Street Southwest: A man came into the Mountlake Terrace Police Department to report his vehicle had been stolen while he was out of town. He said that after he parked his vehicle at a friend’s house, his friend’s son drove his vehicle without his permission and wrecked it. He said he is not sure if he wants to press charges, but wanted to file a report.

5400 block 244th Street Southwest: Police responded to a reported hit-and-run collision after his vehicle was struck in the rear, removing the bumper. No one was reported  injured. The male victim estimated the damage done to his vehicle was more than $1,000.

21700 block 53rd Avenue West: A woman said her purse and cell phone were missing after she left them at Safeway. She reported the purse contained a wallet with $200 to $300 in cash, multiple credit cards, personal information documentation and other personal items. When police called the missing cell phone, a female Edmonds post office employee answered, but denied having the purse and wallet.

3800 block 225th Street Southwest: Someone reported witnessing a man trying to unlock the steering wheel of a vehicle parked at QFC. When police arrived at the scene, the suspect was gone and “heavy damage” was reported to the vehicle’s driver-side door handle and ignition.

Sept. 10

22800 block Lakeview Drive: A woman said her vehicle was stolen while it was parked at her residence.

22200 block 67th Place Southwest: Police responded to a reported domestic disturbance between a woman and her boyfriend. The two were arguing about personal issues and no physical assault was reported. During the argument, a milkshake was thrown at a wall.

22800 block 44th Avenue West: A man reported his vehicle was prowled in the QFC parking lot Sept. 5. When he left the store and returned to his vehicle, he discovered one of the doors were open and multiple items, including a set of old keys and digestive medication, were stolen.

5400 block 238th Street Southwest: A traffic stop involving a man police recognized as having a suspended license led to a warrant arrest. The man had two warrants for failure to transfer title and possession of drug paraphernalia.

4300 block 212th Street Southwest: A man was arrested for violating a trespass order at Safeway. The man was also found to have drug paraphernalia and a small amount (0.3 grams) of heroin in his bag.

Sept. 11

5600 block 224th Street Southwest: A man reported his residence was burglarized when he discovered his laptop, class ring, wedding ring and empty gym bag were missing. He reported his sliding back door was open.

5200 block 244th Street Southwest: A woman reported furniture from her deck was stolen. She reported a white sectional couch and glass-top table valued at $500 were taken.

6700 block 220th Street Southwest: A theft was reported at Pacific Power Batteries when someone stole six batteries valued at $6 each.

5600 block 213th Street Southwest: A man reported his vehicle was prowled while it was parked at his residence. The vehicle was unlocked and his car stereo was reported stolen.

5200 block 244th Street Southwest: Police responded to a residential burglary after a man found two of his windows were open and the window screens were laying on the ground outside. A footprint was discovered in a planter under the window.

Sept. 12

21300 block 41st Court: A man reported suspicious activity at his residence after discovering an unknown man on his back porch. After being confronted, the suspect fled the property.

22000 block 52nd Avenue West: An underage girl reported that a man tried to lure her and a friend into his vehicle near Mountlake Terrace Elementary School. She said that she was supposed to meet a 14-year-old boy she met on social media. When the man arrived in a vehicle, the girls realized he was older than 14 years old and refused to get into his vehicle. The man, who appeared to have been in his 20s, left the scene after the girls refused to enter his vehicle.

21400 block 52nd Avenue West: Police responded to a domestic disturbance between a woman and her husband. The woman said her husband had been drinking. No physical assault was reported.

24100 block Highway 99: Mountlake Terrace police assisted the Edmonds Police Department in the Burlington Coat Factory parking lot with a Spanish translation for a DUI suspect. The man was arrested for DUI-related charges.

21500 block 48th Avenue West: A woman was arrested for fourth-degree assault when police responded to multiple reports of a domestic violence incident involving her and her boyfriend. The woman was said to have been intoxicated and fell during the incident with her boyfriend, leading witnesses to believe he had pushed her to the ground. The man was also arrested for a DUI-related warrant.

12900 block 64th Avenue West: A man said someone stole his toolbox from his backyard. He reported $2,500 worth of tools were in the toolbox, including a spray gun, siding gun, frame gun, two Milwaukee multi-tools, Dewalt drill set and other miscellaneous tools. He reported his tools were engraved with his initials, “JF.”

22500 block Highway 99: A woman was trespassed from Rite-Aid in Edmonds after Mountlake Terrace police responded to a report that she was acting suspiciously near the make-up aisle. She denied stealing anything.

–Compiled by Cody Sexton

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