Mountlake Terrace Police Blotter, Sept. 10-15

police-mlt-logo-1-2Sept. 10

At about 1:30 a.m., a police officer was driving northbound in the 22600 block of 66th Avenue West when he saw a vehicle traveling the opposite direction without its headlights on. The officer turned around and pulled over the vehicle, making contact with the female driver. The officer noted that she was very slow in her responses, her eyes appeared bloodshot and her pupils were dilated. After conducting a field sobriety test, the officer placed the driver under arrest for DUI. The officer also noted that there was an open can of Mike’s Hard Lemonade in the car’s center console.

Sept. 11

23500 block 58th Avenue West: At 3:32 a.m. police responded to a report from a woman who heard subjects outside of her residence trying to prevent someone who had been drinking from driving. Upon arriving in the area, the responding officers located the vehicle — a small green hatchback — in the 23000 block and initiated a traffic stop. Police noted that the male driver had watery and bloodshot eyes and his speech was slurred. After undergoing a voluntary field sobriety test and a breath test, the driver was arrested for DUI.

Sept. 12

5300 block 228th Street Southwest: Police came across a man sleeping in a car in the Recreation Pavilion parking lot at 4:39 a.m. The man told police he had an argument the previous night with his mother, who asked him to leave the house.

4500 block 241st Street Southwest: A mother and daughter got into a verbal domestic dispute over an incident in which the daughter attempted to sneak someone into her father’s house. When the mother tried talking to her daughter about her behavior, the daughter started packing her belongings and threatened to leave. Police talked with both parties and determined that no assault had occurred. The daughter agreed to stay in her room for the rest of night.

4700 block 222nd Street Southwest: Police responded to a report of car back window that had been shattered, possibly by a bullet. Police located a small circular hole at the top of the window but did not find a bullet in the vehicle or on the ground. The victim suspects that a former co-worker shot at the vehicle, noting that the co-worker was fired and has been stalking her — and also bragged on Facebook that she had a gun.

Sept. 13

21900 block 64th Avenue West: Police were dispatched to a residence at the Delta Estates, where a woman reported that another woman was threatening to kill her. The victim said the woman accused her via a Facebook application on her phone of sleeping with her husband. When the victim told the woman she had the wrong person, the woman responded that she did indeed have the right person and proceeded to describe where and when the victim worked, what kind of car she has, her children’s names and her address. The victim told the woman to stop calling her and the woman threatened to kill her. After the victim disconnected the call, the woman tried calling back 14 more times. The victim then called 911.

21700 block 66th Avenue West: The owner of West Coast Collision reported to police on Sept. 6 that someone took his key drop from his business, but wasn’t sure if there were any keys at it at the time. On Sept. 13, he received a call from a customer inquiring about a car they had dropped off Sept. 6. The owner never saw the customer’s vehicle so believes it must have been stolen that night. Police contacted the customer and confirmed that no one else had permission to have the vehicle. While police were at the scene, Everett police called and stated they had recovered the plates from the victim’s vehicle on another vehicle in their city. The victim’s vehicle is still missing.

Sept. 14

21400 block 44th Avenue West: A man reported that the rear passenger-side window of his vehicle had been shattered while it was parked in the driveway of his residence. Nothing was taken from the vehicle. Several vehicle prowls were also reported on Sept. 14 at the Taluswood Apartments.

22900 block 63rd Avenue West: Police responded to a report of a  man and woman screaming at each other. Upon arrival, they contacted the woman resident, who denied arguing with a male, stating that she was home alone and talking loudly on the phone.

Sept. 15

22100 block 60th Avenue West: A man reported that the window of his Honda Accord had been smashed out but did not believe anything had been taken from the car.

22000 block 60th Avenue West: A man reported finding a wallet near his house that belonged to a nearby resident. Police returned the wallet to the resident, who discovered the wallet had been stolen after the driver’s door window had been smashed out of his truck. There was $50 missing from the victim’s wallet.




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