Mountlake Terrace Police Blotter: Robberies at Homestreet Bank and Studio Six Motel

Below are an assortment of police reports and activity from the Mountlake Terrace Police Department from the past week or so.

On Tuesday, 5/31/2011 at approximately 2:00 PM, patrol officers were dispatched to a robbery that had just occurred at Homestreet Bank located at 22001 66th Ave W. The suspect fled on foot after giving the teller a note demanding money and indicating that he had a gun. No bank employees were hurt. He was described as a male, medium build, wearing a green jacket, baseball hat, sunglasses, and white latex gloves. Containment was set using City of Edmonds, Brier, and Lynnwood police units. A search of the area turned up negative results. Detectives continue the investigation. Police have released a photo of the subject here.

On Wednesday, 6/1/2011 at 10:00 PM, patrol officers responded to the Studio Six Motel for a reported robbery with a firearm. A male and female in one of the rooms were reporting that they had been robbed by two male acquaintances. The victims had invited the two suspects into their room and offered to share/sell some drugs. While in the room the suspects both pulled out guns and robbed the victims of the cash, other valuables and their drugs. The victims then waited ten minutes before calling 911. Responding officers checked the area without locating the suspects. The investigation will be turned over to detectives.

The following is an update to the ongoing code enforcement regarding a property located near the 5800 block of 225th Place W, which has had a lengthy history since 2005 of ordinance violations. Both the property owner and her son have been cited civilly. Code Enforcement Officer Rob Jenkins had previously advised them that both were facing criminal misdemeanor charges as a second offense unless this property was brought into compliance. In January, 2009 Officer Jenkins inspected the property in order to see if any improvements have been made. The property violations remained uncorrected. As a result, he issued criminal misdemeanor citations to both the property owner and her son for having junk, inoperable and unused vehicles parked on an unimproved surface. In March 2009, bench warrants were issued out of South Snohomish County District Court. On 5/4/2010, the son of the property owner was arrested and booked on the above warrants. After his release, most of the junk, inoperable or unmoved vehicles were removed from the property except two vehicles and debris located within the carport. Officer Jenkins appeared in court as a City witness in this case on 1/26/2011. The son decided to enter a plea of guilty to one (1) count of Nuisance prohibited under conditions of compliance with City nuisance ordinances. The property owner was also arraigned on her warrant and both cases were reviewed and continued on 3/17/2011 for future compliance review. The Court ordered the son to remove two (2) remaining junk vehicles or face possible revocation of jail time. On 5/17/2011, after inspecting the property, Officer Jenkins contacted the prosecutor to advise her that both junk vehicles have been removed. He also met with the property owner, and she indicated the debris in the carport will be removed soon. The property will be monitored for compliance.

  1. At this election time can we all please chant “NO MORE SONMORE” !!!
    Yes we do need a certain level of code inforcement, but the current Code Inforcement Dept that I believe Councilwoman Sonmore played the largest role in creating, is headed for debachle.
    The Code Inforcement Dept is participating in the unethical process of “Selective Inforcement” which leads to the “DISCRIMINATION” of a growing amount of citizens / tax payers who are paying for the expensive new “Code Inforcement Vehicles” and the wages of the “Civil Servants” who are riding around in them.

    I have absolute factual evidence to present in regard to the above statement !

    It is time to go to court on this !!!  Anyone want to join in and fight for our rights ???

    1. Reposting this with typo corrected,  Thank You !

      At this election time can we all please chant “NO MORE SONMORE” !!! Yes we do need a certain level of code enforcement, but the current Code Enforcement Dept that I believe Councilwoman Sonmore played the largest role in creating, is headed for debachle.The Code Enforcement Dept is participating in the unethical process of “Selective Enforcement” which leads to the “DISCRIMINATION” of a growing amount of citizens / tax payers who are paying for the expensive new “Code Enforcement Vehicles” and the wages of the “Civil Servants” who are riding around in them.I have absolute factual evidence to present in regard to the above statement !It is time to go to court on this !!! Anyone want to join in and fight for our rights ???

  2. Code enforcement is harassing me and my family at this time as well. The selective enforcement that is referred to below is a perfect example of what we are going through. Every week there is a new notice in my mailbox regarding some small infraction that is going to go to court if not fixed immediately and has now been going on for months. The outside of my home is clean, well maintained and I work hard to keep it that way. Every week we have to go through the hassle of proving the accusations are either untrue or temporary. Perfect example is I got 2 new couches and my old couch had to be taken to the dump. The only place to put it where it wouldn’t get soaked in rain would be my carport under a tarp. The couch was removed within 24 hours. Code enforcement was on it with pictures and a citation sent to me in the mail. In order to get the amount of citations they need to drive by every single day to try to catch an extra bag by the garbage can, or a car parked in the wrong area. Did you know you aren’t allowed to use more than 50% of your own driveway? I can understand needing an orderly and clean city but when it comes to the point of harassment?

    1. Thanks for sharing whats happening to you and your family, now forward this page to all your friends, also get out in the community and share whats happening with as many residents as you can. Thats what I have been doing, and in return they will tell you whats happening to them. I have been documenting what I have been hearing and alot of it is unethical and warrants an investigation. 

      Once we have enough residents willing to fight for their rights we can take it to court !

    2. Sounds like you may have a rat (city employee) living in your neighborhood. You must’ve failed to bow down or properly salute one day, and now you are paying for it. You need to just accept the fact that they are intellectually superior to us common peasants, and they know what’s best for us. It doesn’t matter that none of your other neighbors have a problem with you or what you do on your property – it matters what THEY think is best for us. Never mind that they were so brilliant that they bulldozed the municipal building before they had funding to build a new one. Certainly we peasants would happily agree to pony up for their fancy new digs. …But no!!!…their plan was rejected, and now they are stuck renting space in a private office building. HOW HUMILIATING!!! …And now we must be made to suffer for our obstinance.

      1. Yes you make an excellent point about “Bulldozing the municipal building before having the funding to build a new one”, but I have heard that at one point in time they did have the funding to build a new one, and if that turns out to be true, I want to know and we all deserve to know where the money went !  Either way it shows a complete failure to govern let alone manage, but if there was funding to build a new one at some point, then it warrants an investigation to find out if there has been any fraud involved. 

        Now about your “Rat in the neighborhood” point, I have heard similar statements from a growing number of residents, such as their neighbor saying “I have a contact in the City” or “The codes were manipulated” either for or against certain projects.
        Favoritism cannot be shown through cronyism or any form that leads to the abuse of power, this is unethical and warrants an investigation also.

        Now about your “What THEY think” point, “THEY” are “CIVAL SERVANTS”, which means “THEY” are working in service to the “TAX PAYERS” – “US”-, meaning you and I and the rest of the residents of our community ! Yet when speaking to most “CIVAL SERVANTS” in a position of power in the “CITY of MLT”, I am left with the feeling that “THEY” think “WE” the “Tax Payers” are their “SERVANTS”, and this backward thinking leads to “THEM” being completely out of touch with “US” the “TAX PAYERS” !!!

        This backward thinking leads to decisions being made that benefit “THEIR” position at whatever hardship it brings upon the residents of our community, and I have had residents share some hardships that the “CITY of MLT” should be ashamed of !!!

        It is sad that this goes on in “The United States of America”, but I still have faith in our judicial system, we can all hold on to the hope that justice prevails ! 
        For an example that will inspire hope all we need to do is look to recent events that took place in the community of Granite Falls, that guy is sitting in prison for his playing around with the abuse of power.

          KEEP THE FAITH !!!

         Again I stress to share what has happened or is happening to “You and Yours” !!!

      2. I found out today exactly what and who has been doing this. I have an ex council member that I got in to an argument with a few months back (Well, the ex council member argued, I listened and attempted to calm said person down) and this is when it all started. They have now not only called the city now, but Child Protective Services showed up at my door this morning telling me that someone had concerns about conditions inside my home. I opened my home up to them and they found absolutely nothing wrong and are closing the case. I am waiting on the report and said ex council member is going to have a lot of explaining to do. If anyone has any suggestions whatsoever please feel free to post.

        1. We all need to take action to protect our freedoms and rights !!!

          If you have factual evidence that this ex-council member filed a false report against you, you need to pursue the appropriate charges against them.

          If you run into any roadblock in our local law enforcement / judicial system while pursueing charges against this individual, then we have a serious corruption problem that needs to be investigated.

          Here is who you would need to contact:

          ACLU of Washington
          Executive Director: Kathleen Taylor
          901 Fifth Avenue, #630Seattle, WA 98164
          Phone: (206) 624-2184

        2. That was a big mistake on your neighbor’s part, in my estimation. Child Protective Services is a State agency, and they are very aware of, and should be very sensitive to the practice of false accusations made to CPS after some high-profile cases that made the news a few years back. People use to get away with falsly accusing someone they had a gripe with, since CPS would act on annonymous accusations.
          Since CPS is a STATE agency (NOT a City agency), I would call the State Attorney General’s Office, and explain your entire experience to date. …I’m going to call them myself also, just to document my case. I suggest any others experiencing what they suspect is harrassment to contact them also. I’d guess Rob McKenna would be pretty receptive to helping some regular folks who are being harrassed by their local city government…if he’s not overwhelmed by it already!

  3. I finally got to meet public enemy #1, that being the resident of the home regarding this report (The following is an update to the ongoing code enforcement regarding a property located near the 5800 block of 225th Place W). Its a nice 85 year old lady that uses a walker ! She really does not deserve to be treated in this manner !!! The residents of this home need help, not the harassment and antagonism that resulted in the ultimate outcome here. Code Enforcement is completely out of touch and blind to the type of help I am speaking of because they are staring down the tunnel of “Code Enforcement”. I doubt residents like this will ever get the help I am speaking of because it doesn’t generate the revenue needed to pay for Code Enforcement. Oh but wait I just had a thought, maybe the extra profits generated by our tax money subsidizing the “Beer Garden” this year (that is going to be put on by a “so called” non-profit) could go to helping residents like this in need.

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