Mountlake Terrace Police Blotter: Oct. 5-11


Oct. 5

21000 block of 44th Avenue West: A vehicle prowl was reported at O’Reilly’s. An employee left his vehicle unlocked in the parking lot, so he could work on it. His car radio, bicycle and both license plates were stolen.

24000 block of 48th Avenue West: A vehicle prowl was reported. A man’s vehicle was ransacked but nothing was taken.

Oct. 7

24000 block of NB I-5: A domestic violence was reported. A witness saw a man push a woman to the ground, after their vehicle struck a barrier. The woman said that while she was driving, the man pushed her, and she lost control of the vehicle and rammed the barrier.

Oct. 8

22800 block of 44th Avenue West: An incident of malicious mischief was reported in the parking lot of QFC. A woman reported that while she was parked in the lot, another woman parked next to her and bumped her vehicle with her door. The reporting woman asked her to be more careful. When the woman came back, she opened her vehicle door and again hit the reporting woman’s car, said “how do you like that,” and drove away.

22200 block of 48th Avenue West: A burglary was reported. An unknown person entered a man’s home and took his computer, about $1.000 in crystals, and four vape pens. There is no suspect or witness information.

Oct. 9

Intersection of 228th Street Southwest and 44th Avenue West: A non-blocking, non-injury collision was reported. A woman was heading West on 228th through the intersection and did not realize the light had turned red. She was truck behind in the rear passenger side of her van. The woman who hit her was traveling South on 44th Avenue West through the green light and tried to stop but the wet ground slid her vehicle into the other woman’s van. The first woman was issued a notice of infraction for failing to stop at the red light.

Oct. 10

6600 block of 228th Street Southwest: A man reported that his brand-new pressure washer, which was in his driveway, was stolen overnight.

4200 block of 219th Street Southwest: A vehicle prowl was reported. Two cars were broken into but there was no damage done to the exterior or interior of the vehicles. The glove boxes were open with nothing taken but two charging cables.

4300 block of 223rd Place Southwest: A vehicle prowl was reported. A man forgot to lock his vehicle and he noticed a pack of cigarettes on the front seat and his consoles had been gone through. Change and insurance paperwork was taken.

21500 block of 52nd Place West: An attempted home burglary was reported. When a man came home from work he noticed two screens were removed from the two windows at the back of his house. He said no one made entry into his house and nothing was taken.

4300 block of 22th Place Southwest: A vehicle prowl was reported. A man forgot to lock his car at night and in the morning, he noticed someone had entered it and taken two dollars.

4800 block of 236th Street Southwest: A warrant arrest was reported.

Oct. 11

23900 block of 59th Place West: A vehicle prowl was reported. An unknown person entered a man’s vehicle and stole various paperwork. The man’s car was unlocked and parked outside his residence.

— Compiled by Hannah Horiatis


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