Mountlake Terrace Police Blotter: Nov. 11-19, 2021

Nov. 11

22200 block 39th Avenue West: Staff at Cedar Way Elementary School reported they had received an email from a parent regarding a suspicious vehicle that followed their child home. The email stated a white male with a long beard “all the way down to his neck,” who was driving a blue sedan, had slowed his car to follow alongside their daughter for approximately 40-50 feet while she was walking home from school. He rolled the vehicle’s passenger-side window down and asked the girl where she was going, before later driving off after she didn’t respond to his questions. The incident was reported to have occurred near the intersection of 220th Place Southwest and 39th Avenue West.

24300 block 43rd Place Southwest: A hit-and-run collision was reported after a resident discovered that his gray Toyota Corolla had been sideswiped overnight. Damage to the driver’s-side bumper and front wheel well was estimated at $400.

Nov. 12

4600 block 216th Street Southwest: Malicious mischief was reported after the owner of a silver Ford Windstar minivan found its driver’s side door handle had been broken off overnight. It didn’t appear that the vehicle’s interior had been accessed, and nothing was reported missing.

21900 block of the Interurban Trail: A woman was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

22000 block 66th Avenue West: Police were dispatched to a found property report after an employee of the Crazy Moose Casino found a plastic baggy containing a trace amount of powder on the floor. The white crystalline substance appeared to be methamphetamine and it was entered into evidence for destruction.

23200 block 58th Avenue West: Fraud was reported after a resident received a letter from a bank regarding an attempt to establish a new account using her identification information. She had not applied for the card.

23200 block 58th Avenue West: A man reported a fraud incident in which he received an email that purported to be from a McAfee security account, informing him he needed to renew his subscription or pay to cancel it. The man responded to the email and after giving the party two credit card numbers, which he was told did not go through, he finally sent them his checking account information. The subject then contacted McAfee by phone and learned the email was fake because the company would never charge him to cancel a subscription.

23200 block 58th Avenue West: A woman reported she had been the victim of fraud. She had received an email that she thought was from a friend asking her for $1,000 in Google Play gift cards. The woman then bought 10 of the $100 gift cards and sent pictures of their identifying information back to the email account. She called her friend later regarding the gift cards and the friend stated she did not send the email. Upon closer inspection, the victim realized the email account that had contacted her was slightly different from her friend’s email address.

23200 block 58th Avenue West: A man said he had fallen for a text scam and someone posing as an FBI agent extorted $17,100 from him. The victim explained he had been talking with a woman online for a few months when he received a series of texts, purporting to be from the FBI, stating he must send them money in order for the woman he had been communicating with to leave the state. He then sent them $3,100 via Apple Pay and $14,000 in Bitcoin. They told the man to send more money but he refused after his daughter told him it was a scam.

Nov. 13

4800 block 212th Street Southwest: The owner of Goodies market reported someone broke into a fenced area adjacent to the business and stole a jet ski that was stored on a trailer. A padlock on the fenced area’s gate was found to have been cut. Surveillance video showed a white pickup truck with a dark canopy enter that area at approximately 2:30 a.m. and then drive away a short time later eastbound on 212th Street Southwest. The owner of the stolen equipment, who had been renting storage space in the gated area, stated that both the watercraft and the trailer were manufactured by Yamaha. The jet ski is a white Yamaha SUV model.

21600 block 60th Avenue West: A man reported his vehicle had been prowled and several items were stolen. The front passenger-side window was broken and approximately $200 of personal items, such as glasses and car phone chargers, were missing.

4200 block 212th Street Southwest: During a traffic stop, a woman was arrested for having an outstanding warrant.

5400 block 220th Street Southwest: The owner of a Mercedes E 350 reported it was stolen. At around that same time, the Mukilteo Police Department reported her vehicle had just been involved in a hit-and-run collision and a man was seen running from the crashed car, which was then impounded.

Nov. 14

21400 block 52nd Avenue West: Police determined there was probable cause to arrest a man for domestic violence assault, malicious mischief and interfering with the reporting of domestic violence. The man had hit his girlfriend in the arm, slapped her face, broke holes in the bedroom door and broke their shared cell phone that she needed to call police. The woman later contacted a friend through Facebook to have them call 911.

21400 block 52nd Avenue West: The owner of a Toyota Tundra reported it had been stolen from the Capri Apartments. At around that same time, the Lynnwood Police Department reported his truck had just been involved in a hit-and-run collision at the Best Lynnwood Inn located in the 18100 block of Highway 99. The driver had then abandoned the crashed truck and fled.

24300 block 56th Avenue West: A woman reported that an unknown male subject had pushed her to the ground during a disturbance at the Getaway Tavern. A witness described the man as 5 feet, 10 inches tall, in his late 50s and with medium-length gray hair.

Nov. 15

5400 block 228th Street Southwest: Malicious mischief was reported at Terrace Park Elementary School after staff discovered that a window on the northeast side of the school had been broken sometime over the weekend. There was an approximately 2-inch hole in the double-paned window’s outer pane that was thought to possibly have been damaged by a rock.

23200 block 58th Avenue West: A man called to report his truck had been broken into overnight. Both of the passenger-side windows were broken, and a bottle of Michel Germain cologne was missing.

4600 block 220th Street Southwest: A catalytic converter theft was reported overnight, with repair costs estimated at $2,500.

5400 block 236th Street Southwest: The owner of a white Honda Accord stated that the car’s catalytic converter had been stolen sometime within the last several days.

22700 block Lakeview Drive: A woman reported her car’s rear license plate had been stolen overnight.

4300 block 212th Street Southwest: Police were dispatched to a theft in progress and trespassing incident at Safeway. Surveillance video showed a woman, who had been previously trespassed from the property last month, filling up a reusable grocery bag with items from the store and then proceeding to leave without paying for them. The woman had already left the property when police arrived, but they were able to contact and arrest her at her residence. She was booked into the Snohomish County Jail for theft, trespassing, resisting arrest and also on an outstanding warrant.

5200 block 213th Place Southwest: A man and woman were each provided with domestic violence pamphlets after getting into a verbal argument in which nothing physical had occurred.

Nov. 16

6100 block Saint Albion Way: The owner of a Nissan Xterra reported it had been broken into overnight at the Lakeside Apartments. The vehicle’s rear window was smashed out and a subwoofer cabinet had been stolen from its rear hatch.

4100 block 236th Street Southwest: A catalytic converter theft from a Honda Odyssey was reported overnight at the Taluswood Apartments. The owner discovered that a small floor jack had been left under the van.

23200 block 58th Avenue West: A woman called to report the rear window of her vehicle had been broken out and a bag of old clothes she was going to donate had been stolen. The bag of clothes was valued at approximately $25.

23500 block 48th Avenue West: Police arrested a woman for violating the restrictions of a protection order.

4300 block 212th Street Southwest: While police were speaking to a store manager about an unrelated case, she informed them that there had been an unreported theft on Nov. 10 and turned over surveillance footage of the incident. The video showed a male subject putting two large containers of Tide Pods, along with several packages of Modelo and Corona beer, into a shopping cart that he then proceeded to push out of the store without paying for any of the items.

Nov. 17

22000 block 66th Avenue West: A car prowl was reported at the Crazy Moose Casino. Surveillance video showed a gray sedan park next to the victim’s Lexus RX, and a short time later a white male wearing an orange beanie hat exited the vehicle and broke the passenger-side rear window of the Lexus. He then took items from it before getting back into his vehicle and leaving. The victim stated her gray purse, which was on the floorboard underneath the passenger seat, was stolen. The purse was said to contain her driver’s license, a Samsung cell phone, and five credit cards.

4300 block 246th Street Southwest: A resident at the Taluswood Apartments reported her mail containing a replacement credit card had been stolen from the complex’s community mailboxes. One of the back doors to access the cluster-style mailboxes had been damaged and several of the individual mailboxes had damage around their locks. Damages were estimated at $2,000.

23200 block 58th Avenue West: A juvenile stated that he had recently been assaulted near Ringers Pub and Grill in the 22800 block of 44th Avenue West by three other juvenile subjects who got out of a white minivan and proceeded to punch him in the face, back and head. They were also reported to have stolen the snacks he recently purchased at QFC after those items had fallen to the ground during the attack. Staff from the pub broke the fight up and gave the victim a ride home.

Nov. 18

5400 block 244th Street Southwest: Police were dispatched to a report of two gunshots near the Jo Al apartment complex. Surveillance videos showed a blue Honda Civic, which appeared to be engaged in a conflict with a man who was chasing it on foot, driving westbound on 244th Street Southwest — and a gunshot can later be heard while it was in the 5500 block. A short time later, the same vehicle can be seen twice passing by the apartment complex and then driving through its parking lot both times as if looking for someone. The Civic was last observed leaving the parking lot shortly before 1 a.m. and traveling westbound again on 244th Street Southwest. Police located two 9mm shell casings in the 5500 block of 244th Street Southwest. No one in the area reported any injuries, and no damage to vehicles or property was found.

Nov. 19

5500 block 220th Street Southwest: During a traffic stop, a woman was arrested on a warrant for violating a no-contact order.

— Compiled by Nathan Blackwell

  1. Our condo complex was planning a meeting to enhance security. I’m wondering if a MLT police officer might be willing to come to give some pointers? Of course we would schedule the meeting to accommodate the officer’s schedule. I’m wondering if that’s a possibility?

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