Mountlake Terrace police blotter: March 25-29

March 25
A hit-and-run was reported in the 6000 block of St. Albion Way. The owner of the vehicle saw new front-end damage to the vehicle in the morning.

March 26
A bicycle was reported stolen from the 4400 block of 212th Street Southwest.

A vehicle prowl was reported in the 6300 block of 215th Street Southwest. A battery and several tools were stolen. Additionally, approximately 26 gallons of gas had been siphoned.

A burglary was reported in the 5500 block of 228th Street Southwest. A resident was home at the time a man entered through the back door. The suspect left upon seeing the resident. It was unclear if anything was taken. A K-9 track was conducted with negative results.

March 27
An incident of malicious mischief was reported in the 23000 block of 63rd Place West. A vehicle’s soft top cover had been cut and wires inside the vehicle had been cut.

A two-vehicle crash was reported in the intersection of 220th Street Southwest and 52nd Avenue West.

A two-vehicle collision was reported on 220th Street Southwest at the I-5 off-ramp.

A suspicious circumstance was reported in the 22200 block of 39th Avenue West. A vehicle appeared to be following a school bus between two schools. The information was shared with other police departments on the route.

A shoplifter was reported in the 4300 block of 212th Street Southwest. A basket full of merchandise was taken by two suspects. A complete list of what was taken was not available, and the suspects were no longer there when officers arrived.

A suspicious circumstance was reported in the 5500 block of 244th Street Southwest. Income tax paperwork had been stolen from inside a residence there. There was no sign of forced entry.

March 28
An unknown number of juveniles were reported skateboarding on the roof of a a building in the 6400 block of 216th Street Southwest. When officers arrived, they were no longer there. The reporting party was told to call 911 if they come back.

A vehicle traveling westbound in the 6100 block of 230th Street Southwest veered into the eastbound lanes and down an embankment. The driver was not at the scene.

March 29
A two-vehicle collision was reported in the intersection of 212th Street Southwest and 61st Avenue West. No injuries reported.

Two abandoned vehicles were towed from the 5800 block of 224th Street Southwest.

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