Mountlake Terrace police blotter: June 4-10


police-mlt-logo-1June 4
A theft was reported in the 22800 block of 44th Avenue West.

June 5
A fire was reported in the 6000 block of 237th Street Southwest. There is a vacant homeless camp in the area. The fire was out when officers arrived, but a mattress was smoldering.

A verbal domestic dispute was reported in the 22600 block of 73rd Avenue West.

A verbal domestic dispute was reported in the 21800 block of 66th Avenue West.

A lost wallet was reported near the intersection of 44th Avenue West and 212th Street Southwest.

A man was arrested for DUI in the 6000 block of 220th Street Southwest. The truck he was driving drifted in and out of lanes without signaling, then travelled on the shoulder of 66th Avenue West. He took and failed some voluntary field sobriety tests. He provided a breath sample that registered at 0.093 blood alcohol concentration. A half hour later, he took another breath test and registered at 0.060 blood alcohol concentration. He was given a citation for DUI and courtesy transport back to his residence.

June 6
A burglary was reported in the 23300 block of 58th Avenue West. A woman said her drawers had been rummaged through. Some costume jewelry may have been taken.

June 7
A fraud was reported at the Mountlake Terrace Police Station. Two people said they answered an advertisement for work and were given an advance of $8,874. They deposited the check into their account and were instructed to send $2,480 back. The money was sent to an account based in the United Arab Emirates. After making that transfer, the pair was informed the initial check was fraudulent and $8,874 was subtracted from their account.

A theft was reported at the Studio Six Motel on 244th Street Southwest. The manager of the motel said a television was stolen from a room. The last person to stay in that room denied taking the television. The manager believed someone else may have had access to the room, and they may have taken the television.

A naked man was arrested in the 5300 block of 238th Street Southwest. Responding officers said the man was clearly under the influence of narcotics. He was sweating heavily and parts of his body were covered in blood. He was placed into handcuffs. He told officers he had taken mushrooms, crack cocaine and heroin. He had mood swings and would go from being compliant to being agitated. He was placed on the grass nearby and began eating the grass. Medic units responded and it took several of them to restrain him. He was sedated, then brought to Swedish Edmonds for observation. Later, officers received a report of a damaged vehicle. The vehicle had a window busted out and a door handle broken off. The case was referred to prosecutors for filing of charges.

June 8
A vehicle prowl was reported in the 4800 block of 238th Place West. $20 was stolen from the vehicle. The vehicle’s owner said he had left a window rolled down enough that it may have been possible to unlock the door.

A found bicycle was picked up in the 2400 block of 48th Avenue West.

A vehicle prowl was reported in the 22800 block of Lakeview Drive. The vehicle’s owner said she had locked her car the night before and noticed the passenger door was unlocked, the passenger seat had been reclined and it smelled like smoke inside her vehicle. A case with 30 cassette tapes and some jewelry was stolen from the vehicle. The victim is not sure how they got inside as there was no apparent damage to the vehicle.

June 9
A fraud report was made at the Mountlake Terrace Police Station. The victim said she was receiving calls from T-Mobile demanding payments in excess of $400 for a delinquent account. The T-Mobile representative would not provide account details, such as how the name on the account, but said two phone numbers were active on the account. The victim said she nor her husband opened an account with T-Mobile. The victim believes her daughter’s ex-boyfriend may have created the account but has no proof.

A hit-and-run was reported in the 22800 block of Lakeview Drive. The offending driver was identified and contacted. He said he fled because he didn’t have insurance. He cited for hit-and-run, driving without a license, driving without insurance and a lane travel violation.

A vehicle was pulled over for running a stop sign. The driver was contacted and had bloodshot eyes. He admitted to drinking three alcoholic drinks in thee past four hours. The driver declined to do a voluntary breath test and declined to do field sobriety tests. He was arrested and transported to Lynnwood Jail to take a breath test, which revealed a 0.085 blood alcohol concentration. He was cited for DUI, given a court date and given a courtesy transport home.

June 10
A group of four people were reported for soliciting money from customers inside a store located in the 4300 block of 212th Street Southwest. When officers arrived, two had left but two were still inside the store. Store employees didn’t want them trespassed but wanted them removed from the store. One had a warrant out of Edmonds for theft. Edmonds took custody of that suspect. The other was released.


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