Mountlake Terrace police blotter: July 15-22

police-mlt-logo-1July 15
A taxicab driver called to report a man refusing to pay near the intersection of 52nd Avenue West and 222nd Street Southwest. The cab driver said the man tried to pay but the money “didn’t look right.” He said three people called his cab company for a ride from Marysville. The total was $64.25. One of the suspects handed over a $100 bill and said to keep the change. The driver said it was odd to leave such a large tip, and when he looked at the bill he noticed it was fake. He then told the riders he wanted money, and they took off. The responding officer looked at the money and observed it appeared to have been printed on regular paper and did not have any holograms or security strips. A check of the area for the suspects was unsuccessful.

July 16
A wallet, iPad and Samsung S4 phone were reported stolen out of the Mountlake Terrace Recreation Center.

Three throwing knives were found on a property in the 23400 block of 53rd Avenue West. One was tied to the front door and two were found in the lawn. The knives were entered into evidence.

A vehicle stolen out of Everett was found in the 21800 block of 60th Avenue West.

July 17
A man who lives in Colorado called the Mountlake Terrace Police Department because he was concerned about some threats to police he saw on Facebook made by a man from. Mountlake Terrace. The Facebook post included the phrases “I agree time to take the cops out” and “All cops are guilty by aiding and abetting criminal cops.” Officers ran his information and got an address at a Mountlake Terrace apartment complex. An officer went to the apartment manager’s office and the man had moved out. Phone calls were attempted but he did not answer.

An unopened iPhone 4 was stolen out of a residence in the 4500 block of 240th Street Southwest. The resident suspects movers she had hired. Shortly after her phone went missing, she tried calling the movers again and they did not answer. An officer attempted the phone number as well and the number was no longer accepting calls. The resident knew the serial number for the phone, so it was entered as stolen.

A pressure washer, chainsaw, weed wackier, 20-foot ladder and wheelbarrow were stolen from the 5000 block of 238th Place West.

A vehicle reported stolen out of Lynnwood was located in the 4400 block of 212th Street Southwest.

July 18
A vehicle stolen out of Lynnwood was located in the 22800 block of 44th Avenue West.

A resident in the 22100 block of 66th Avenue West saw a woman throw a rock through the window of her garage, then attempt to throw rocks at vehicles. Officers located the woman, who said she was throwing rocks through her rapist’s window because police didn’t solve her rape. She didn’t say anything else. Then, she started talking to people who weren’t there and said she needed to go to the hospital. The resident positively identified the woman as the one who threw the rock. She was taken to Swedish Edmonds.

A vehicle theft was reported in the 22800 block of 44th Avenue West. The registered owner’s boyfriend saw it happen. He said he saw a tall man get into the vehicle and drive away with it about 5-10 seconds later.

July 19
An incident of extortion was reported in the 24200 block of 54th Avenue West. A woman was inside a residence with her phone on speaker. The woman has two daughters, and a man on the phone said he had kidnapped one of them and would harm her if the woman didn’t send him money. He told her to call her other daughter and put her in a three way call. The officer communicated with her through writing and told her to hang up the phone. The woman was shaken, but after hanging up, she called her daughters and found they were okay. The man was calling from a Mexican phone number. She was advised not to answer the phone if he calls again, and to call 9-1-1.

A trespass complaint was filed from the 4400 block of 214th Street Southwest. A man said he found garbage and feces on his roof, indicating some people had been up on his roof. Among the garbage were cigarettes, gum and Gatorade bottles. Increased patrols were requested for the area.

A man reported an attempted vehicle prowl in his driveway. The homeowner had surveillance video of the attempt, which showed a man walk up to his vehicle, try the doors to each of the vehicle’s in the driveway, then try the door to a camping trailer. Everything was locked. The suspect left without getting into any vehicles or the trailer. Nothing was stolen. The video was submitted into evidence.

July 20
An officer driving through the Studio 6 parking lot noticed three men standing around a vehicle. When they saw the officer, the three men dispersed. The officer ran the plate of the vehicle and noticed it was stolen out of Edmonds. Two of the men reappeared some time later and were detained. They both have criminal histories that include stolen vehicles. They told the officer they were standing by the car because they “bummed” a cigarette off of the third man. They then told the officer which room they were staying in. Inside were two men and two women, three of which also had criminal histories involving stolen vehicles. The owner of the vehicle was contacted. No evidence was found inside the vehicle. The two men were released.

July 21
A verbal domestic dispute was reported in the 22000 block of 52nd Avenue West.

A vehicle prowl was reported in the 22800 block of Lakeview Drive. The vehicle’s owner said the glove box was broken and some paperwork had been stolen.

Several reports of abandoned wrecked vehicles along a road near a public park area were filed. One of the vehicles was obviously inoperable with heavy front end damage and deployed airbags. A second was also clearly inoperable with front end damage and two flat tires. Notices were posted to the vehicles, saying they would be towed in 72 hours if it was not moved.

Two vehicles crashed after one vehicle pulled out of a business parking lot at 44th Avenue West and 212th Street Southwest. The driver’s foot got caught on the brake and gas pedals and the driver lost control. The first vehicle hit the second vehicle, which was was in the outside lane heading northbound on 44th Avenue West. No one was injured.

July 22
License plates were reported stolen off of a vehicle in the 6400 block of 233rd Place Southwest. The vehicle’s owner said she noticed it was missing in December 2015, but thought they had fallen off so she got new plates. However, she just got a parking ticket in the mail out of Seattle for her old plates, so she now thinks they were stolen.

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