Mountlake Terrace Police Blotter: Jan. 3-9, 2020

Editor’s note: Mountlake Terrace police are asking for the public’s help in providing video that could help them locate a suspect in several burglaries in the Cedar Terrace neighborhood Jan. 3 and 4, which are included below. To learn more about the police request, see our previous story.

Jan. 3

22600 block 42nd Place West: A burglary was reported after a woman came home to discover $50 in assorted cash and change had been stolen. Two rear window screens were reported to have been cut to gain access to the residence.

22100 block 39th Avenue West: A woman reported a burglary in progress after she returned to her home and said she heard a door slam inside the residence. After searching her home with police, she noticed that five rings were missing, valued at $2,000. The woman’s husband also said an AR-15 rifle was missing, valued at $2,000.

22100 block 64th Street Southwest: A woman came home to discover her sliding glass door open and drawers open. She told police that jewelry and a 9mm handgun were stolen. A five-gallon bucket and a latent fingerprint were found as evidence.

23400 block 53rd Avenue West: A woman said she was being harassed by an ex-boyfriend she dated six years ago. The woman said she was worried her ex might show up at her residence and that he has been messaging her on social media. She said they have also had arguments over whether the man is the father of her child.

Jan. 4

3600 block 220th Place Southwest: A woman said she was home with her husband when she heard the screen from a window being cut. She also reported that two of the lightbulbs on her back porch had been unscrewed. No suspect was located. A similar incident was reported in Brier.

21300 block 52nd Street Southwest: A man was arrested for DUI-related charges after police reported finding him unconscious in a vehicle with another person in the passenger seat. According to police, the man was under the influence of narcotics. After searching his possessions, police reported finding marijuana, cocaine and assorted narcotics.

20900 block 44th Avenue West: Police responded to a disturbance between two men and a woman after one of the men accused the woman of stealing $25 and a debit card from his wallet. According to the man, the woman reached into his vehicle and stole his wallet while he was talking to the other man. He said he noticed that the items were missing after the woman gave him back his wallet.

22700 block 44th Avenue West: A burglary occurred at Subway after someone pried a window open and stole a cash register containing $220 in cash. The register was valued at $300. Surveillance footage showing a suspect was provided to police.

23300 block 58th Avenue West: A man was reported to have hit a woman in the head in front of the Mountlake Terrace Library. However, they left the scene in an RV before police arrived.

Jan. 5

22800 block 44th Avenue West: An attempted theft occurred at a Chevron gas station after a man tried to steal a pack of Swisher Sweets while the store employee was in the back. When the store employee caught him, the man dropped the cigarillos and left. The incident was caught on video surveillance.

23300 block 58th Avenue West: A man was trespassed from the Mountlake Terrace Library. He was also reported to have been previously trespassed in December.

4100 block 222nd Street Southwest: A woman reported a residential burglary after she came home to discover doors and drawers were opened throughout her house. She also reported that a kitchen window was wide open and that glass from the window was broken and a muddy footprint was found. Nothing was reported stolen.

4200 block 223rd Place Southwest: A married couple said that their home was burglarized while they were out of town for the night. According to the couple, an old TV, computer bag, men’s white gold wedding ring and a smartwatch were reported stolen. They also reported finding a downstairs window open and the man said he might have left it unlocked.

Jan. 6

24000 block 56th Avenue West: A man drove a vehicle through the front door and windows of a business located underneath a residence. When police arrived, the vehicle was unoccupied. After contacting the owner, she initially said that the vehicle was stolen. She then told police that her boyfriend contacted her and told her that he crashed the vehicle. The damage was valued at $10,000. See related story here.

Jan. 7

23600 block 54th Avenue West: A vehicle was prowled in the Cedar Park Christian School parking lot. The passenger side window was reported to have been broken and roughly 40 tools were stolen.

6100 block Saint Albion Way: A vehicle was prowled at Lakeside Apartments. No damage was done to the vehicle, however multiple personal items were stolen.

5900 block 232nd Street Southwest: A woman came into the Mountlake Terrace Police Department to follow up on a 2016 residential burglary after she noticed unauthorized checks were written against her account. She said she believes that the checks were stolen during the 2016 burglary.

5900 block 232nd Street Southwest: A man came into the Mountlake Terrace Police Department to report fraudulent activity concerning a transaction with a sub-contracted business. According to the man, he wired $23,028.34 to someone claiming to be the sub-contractor. The man said he suspected fraud after he was contacted by the “real” sub-contractor.

Jan. 8

22600 block 73rd Place West: A man reported that multiple items were stolen from his room while he after he returned home from spending a night in jail. He reported that multiple tools, including a Milwaukee drill, Milwaukee charger, Milwaukee screw gun, three handsaws, a Dewalt screwgun, assorted Dewalt tools, a circular saw, laser level, plainer, sander, assorted Makita tools, a sawzall, a worm drive and a Bluetooth speaker bulb. The estimated value of the items is $2,000.

23300 block 56th Avenue West: A man was arrested for a DUI after leaving Red Dragon Casino. According to an employee, the man left the casino intoxicated and barely able to stand.

6600 block 222nd Street Southwest: A woman reported fraud after she allowed a friend to deposit a fraudulent check into her bank account. According to the woman, her friend deposited a $2,500 check into her account and then withdrew $490 was withdrawn. The bank confirmed the check was fraudulent.

214th Lane/48th Avenue West: A man said that his locked vehicle was prowled overnight. According to the man, the rear passenger window to truck was broken and a work box containing a rain suit, rain boots, steel wool, safety boots and an inflatable life jacket.

Jan. 9

4300 block 212th Street Southwest: Mountlake Terrace police responded to the Safeway parking lot for a reported physical domestic disturbance between a man and woman that occurred while they were driving on Interstate 5. According to the female passenger, she and the male driver were arguing, which caused her to cry. When she put on her sunglasses to hide her tears, the man grabbed the glasses, scratching her eye. Because the incident occurred under Washington State Patrol jurisdiction, state troopers arrested the man for assault.

–Compiled by Cody Sexton

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