Mountlake Terrace Police Blotter: Jan. 21-29

police-mlt-logo-1Jan. 21
The owner of Thai Amorn on 58th Avenue West reported a storage shed behind the restaurant was broken into. There are two sheds back there. They are used to store food and tools. The lock on one of the sheds was drilled out. Surveillance video shows a suspect drilling out the lock. The suspect then left and returned with a light strapped too his forehead. He entered the shed and took a flashlight. Then, he tries to break into the other shed but isn’t successful. The second shed was damaged during the attempt. The suspect appears to be a white man in his early twenties with short dark hair wearing a two-tone jacket. He appears to be 5-foot-9.


A man reported his roommate was possibly neglecting his dog in their apartment. He said the dog was kept in a kennel for 12 to 14 hours per day and was not given appropriate bathroom breaks or exercise. An officer responded and saw the dog in a kennel with visible feces and an empty food bowl and water bowl, but the dog appeared to be in good condition and temperament. The officer left a note for the dog’s owner to call as soon as he could. The next day, the dog’s owner called the officer and said he walked the dog every morning and at night when he got home. His schedule does not coincide with his roommate’s schedule, so they never see each other. He said he feeds the dog in her kennel after walking her in the morning. The dog recently moved into the apartment, so he is concerned that the dog will damage the property if left out of the kennel all day. A third roommate confirmed the owner walks the dog twice a day and said he will help care for the dog. The dog’s owner said he will begin leaving the dog out of the kennel for short periods and eventually work up to keeping her out of the kennel all day.


Jan. 22
A car owner called to report his car had been broken into in the 23300 block of Lakeview Drive. The victim said sometime overnight someone stole a watch and some change from his center console. The car had been locked, but was broken into by punching the locks on each door. No fingerprints were found. There are no suspects or leads at this time.


A man reported an unauthorized charge on his credit card. He said someone make a $2,847 purchase at Best Buy in Federal Way. He said he has no idea how someone got his card’s number because he and his wife still have their credit cards in their possession.


Jan. 23
A woman said two packages were stolen off of her porch in the 21800 block of 66th Avenue West. She said she was expecting two packages, so she tracked them online. USPS had both boxes listed as “delivered” at 12:39 p.m. The woman said she hasn’t seen any of the package remnants and said one of her neighbors also had something stolen recently.


Jan. 25
At 1:37 a.m., a clerk at the AM/PM located at 21201 44th Ave. W. Wanted to report damage to his vehicle. He said he drove his wife’s car to work the day before. When he was leaving at 8 a.m., he noticed a big scratch and dent in the front left quarter panel of the car. It was parked facing the store so it could not have been hit by another car. There are no suspects or leads at this time.


A car was broken into in the 23500 block of Lakeview Drive. Officers contacted the car’s owner who said a neighbor alerted her to a broken front passenger window. The glove box and center console had been searched and contents were strewn on the front passenger seat. The car’s owner didn’t notice anything valuable missing. There were no other damaged vehicles in the area.


Jan. 26
A hit-and-run collision was reported in the 5700 block of 237th Street Southwest. The driver of a blue car appeared to be intoxicated and said the crash happened on northbound I-5. The victim was driving a work vehicle and said he was rear ended by the blue car on northbound I-5. Both vehicles exited the freeway at 236th Street Southwest. The victim followed the blue car to the 5700 block of 237th Street Southwest and called police. The driver of the blue car was arrested for DUI and hit-and-run.


Jan. 27
Officers were dispatched to the 5000 block of 221st Street Southwest for a disturbance. When they arrived, they found a man flopping around on the sidewalk and unable to care for himself. The man was not in control of his body, but was non-violent. He admitted to using narcotics. He was transported to Swedish Edmonds.


Jan. 28
A woman reported her son parked her car on the street near their home in the 5700 block of 227th Street Southwest. At 9 a.m., they discovered someone had slashed the right front tire. They had no idea who would have done it.


A woman living in the 4100 block of 212th Street Southwest reports her medication may have been stolen. She believes her neighbor may have taken it. On Jan. 26, she fell on the steps leading to her house. Her son got the neighbor to come over and help. The neighbor stayed with the woman all day and when she left, the woman noticed her medication was missing. She says she had prior suspicions of her neighbor taking her medication before, but never reported it because she never saw it happen. The woman says 90 Xanax pills are missing.


A woman called to report her daughter’s father was violating a no-contact order. She said he was pounding on their apartment door in the 21800 block of 66th Avenue West. Two officers responded and saw the man outside the woman’s unit. The woman said she got a call from him earlier in the day and he told her if she didn’t let him see his daughter on her birthday, he was going to “make her life a living hell.” The officer checked the man’s criminal history and found three previous convictions for violation of a court order. He now has two no-contact orders in place. He has been charged with two counts of felony violation of a no-contact order.

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